WooCommerce Simple Auctions Integration

$0.00 per year


Now you can use the best auction plugin — WooCommerce Simple Auctions ($19, CodeCanyon) — with WC Vendors Pro. There are no settings for this integration, simply install the plugin and activate it!  Requires WC Vendors Pro v1.2.0 or newer.

Important: Make sure you do not hide auction products as shown in the third screenshot. If you do, you wont be able to edit the auctions from your Pro Dashboard.

Additionally, you can use this plugin as a template for integrating other WooCommerce plugins with WC Vendors Pro.


v1.0.3 (May 3rd 2016)
– Compatibility update for WC Vendors Pro v1.3.0 and newer

v1.0.2 (February 11th 2016)
– Fixed issue some sites might have with the Buy it Now prices

v1.0.1 (January 27th 2016)
– Fixed issue with add product link being in the wrong place

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