WC Vendors Marketplace v2.4.0 Released

We’re happy to announce the next release of WC Vendors Marketplace v2.4.0. This release focused on adding a couple of much requested features as well as updating one of our reports.

What’s New

Marketplace commissions logged

Prior to this release, marketplace commissions were not logged in the commissions table. From v2.4.0 and above, marketplace commissions are now also logged. This will allow us to introduce new reports in the future giving a better view of the success of your marketplace.

Mark shipped for admins

We have had several of our users outline how they are using the User Switching plugin to switch to their users to mark shipped. We found that this is not an efficient way to manage your marketplace. For that reason, we are introducing the ability for marketplace admins to mark orders shipped.

We have created multiple ways for you as the marketplace admin to be able to do this. 

  • Bulk action
  • Order list action
  • Order edit action 
  • Vendor shipped action

You can read the full documentation for this new feature over on our docs site.


We have updated one of our vendor reports so that you can now specify a date range instead of months only.

  • Daily filter for commission by vendor report (#803)


  • Files not assigned to vendor when assigning product (#791)


Version 2.4.0 - 10th January 2022

* Added: Marketplace admin can mark orders shipped (#808)
* Added: Log marketplace commissions to commission table (#806)
* Added: Filter hook to add CSS classes to apply for vendor label (#797)
* Updated: Daily filter for commission by vendor report (#803)
* Fixed: Files not assigned to vendor when assigning product (#791)


The update will show up in your plugins updates within the next 24 hours from WordPress.org.


If you have any issues or questions, be sure to post them to our support forums on wordpress.org

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