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Anna, looking at the url when I refresh the page it seems like when you refresh it the command sends the same order to the dashboard so it returns to mark as shipped. And if you refresh again it appears as shipped. Its like it each time you press refresh it sends the command.

Other questions I had where if is there any way to make the notes on the orders appear somewhere in the dashboard so the vendors can see if there is any specific request from the clients. I saw in previous thread they asked something like this but maybe there was some update on that. Because Im working with restaurants and it force the vendors to open the emails to se if there is any note on the order so they have to make two steps to start preparing it. I know that in the thread it said that it was because you can order in more than one store and the notes would appear to everyone, but in this case its preferred to be able to see the notes. Is there any way I can add this to the vendor dashboard so they can see it with the orders?

Another question is if there is any way to have an option in the configuration so that the vendors can have like a step where they can say that the order is ready and when its taken away they can mark as shipped.

And last if there is any way that the method of payment to the vendors (which is PayPal) can be changed or adapted to MercadoPago, I saw that there was a request some time ago but wanted to know if there was any intention to adapt it. And if not if there is some manual to make the adaptation, so if Im able to do it myself. Because MercadoPago has the developers documentation so anybody can adapt the method of payment to their own commerce.

I know most of the questions where asked but maybe it was some update on the subject and I the questions are more of the kind if there is some easy way to do those thing and not a request because I know you have lots of work to do.

Thank you again for your help Anna,

Best Regards,

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