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    Hi everyone,
    I would like to modify the product page (vendor tab especially) and the vendor page, in order to add the fields i created. What is the name of the files and their location please ?
    Thank you very much!


    Please show me a screenshot or further describe the page you need- there is no vendor tab on the product page… and the vendor page.. do you mean the settings? which page(s) do you mean?
    Then I can guide you to the appropriate templates.


    Thank you Anna, i think i found one : especially the store-header.php
    I’m still looking for the file for changing the product description (see doc “capture”), where i would like to change the vendor tab (see doc “capture 2”).
    On this page i also have a problem : all the photos are displayed one by one, not like with a main photo + a carousel of mini photos. Is it normal ? (see “capture 3”)
    Thank you =)


    Oy- what theme are you using?
    It has not been updated recently, which is why it is showing the gallery images like that..
    I’m still not quite sure what you are wanting to modify .. If you want to add a tab to the product page, you’d be adding to the WooCommerce tabs.
    but but you may want to look into a different theme..


    Hi, thank you for your answer. It’s true, my theme is not updated recently, i’m thinking on changing it, but dt-the7 has much more options than the others, so i hesitate…

    About what i want to change : in each product page, (let’s say an animal for sale), there are tabs : description + attributes + comments & grades + seller_info. On this last one, i would like to show not only the seller_info, but also the shop_description related to my vendor (available on the vendor perso page, but not on each of his products).
    That tab would finally look like :

    Here the store_description that the vendor informed when subscribing
    Here the seller_info that the vendor informed when subscribing

    — > I’m looking for the good code to add the titles “STORE DESCRIPTION” and “SELLER INFO” + the existing field store_description
    Is it more clear ?
    Thank you very much

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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