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     jason nivoliez 

    i need to use stripe connect with wcvendor, but all stripe fees must be set to admin and not vendor.
    stripe API permit that so it is possible but i don’t have time and skills to code it myself.
    is someone here have alrdeady done that ?
    is someone here have time and skills to do it for me a soon as possible ?

    WC Vendors Official Support

    Hello Jason,
    At this time we have not yet worked to add any new features to our Stripe Commissions & Gateway plugin, including this change.
    I believe it could possibly be done; I know the Stripe Connect docs explain how this can be adjusted int he code to allow for this scenario.
    I would encourage you to reach out to a dev at and explain your needs, as I do believe they would be well equipped to assist with this work and it should not be too extensive.

     jason nivoliez 

    i managed to have a plugin done to adapt your actual plugin to charge admin for all stripe fees instead of vendor
    it works quite well

     Simon Kolhoff 

    Dear Jason,

    are you open to share how you solved it?

    Thanks and best regards

     jason nivoliez 

    Yes of course
    Contact me at contact AT bluesky-services DOT fr

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