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    Srikanth Nair

    Hello team,

    Is there any plans to add customisation options for bookings, like you have for other product types?

    I am currently building a solution for a client around WooCommerce Bookings (Social Marketplace, WC Vendors Pro, Stipe) where I am being asked if fields can be hidden.

    told me how to hide the resources options but now, I’m being asked if Requires confirmation? can be hidden and Can be cancelled? can be checked by default and hidden. My client is saying that the fewer options users will have, the less confused they will be and I agree with her and see the need.

    It would be incredibly helpful if those customisations can be made under WC Vendor settings so that we wouldn’t have to rely on CSS hacks.



    I will look and see if there are filters so you can hide these using a filter rather than css.. I believe I gave you css for the resources, etc because there was not a filter for those.

    I will certainly add this suggestion to the WooCommerce Bookings integration – agreed, as these options would be nice to have available, if this is possible for us to add.
    Being as this is the first release of the integration plugin, we’re open to suggestions and working on fixes. 🙂

    Srikanth Nair

    @fervous Anna, sorry, I didn’t mean to sound the way I may did with my initial comment about CSS hacks, like it was a complaint/snide remark. My apologies.

    I would be most grateful if you could give me an idea of how to customise those settings I mentioned.

    As for adding them to the settings in the backend, that would be wonderful (if it can be done).

    I don’t meant to sound mean or ungrateful and I totally understand that this is version 1 and you folks are constantly improving every plugin and on top of things, which is why I had zero hesitation to include WC Vendors in the solution I am building for my client 🙂

    Thanks Anna.

    Srikanth Nair

    @fervous Hi Anna,

    Do you have any tips/tricks to help me?

    I’ve been scouring the Internet and trying different things, but haven’t been successful.

    Attached is a screenshot of the “Add Product” page with the things I am trying to accomplish. Would be awesome if these become standard customisation options in WC Vendors Pro Bookings Integration one day 🙂

    Any help/advice/suggestions is appreciated.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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