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    I’m using Pro with Woocommerce Bookings and woocommerce deposits with Rehub-Revendor theme. I know that Bookings and WCV aren’t integrated (yet) but it worked enough for now.

    When it was a development site and I was using the WC Vendors test Gateway I could,
    1. Choose a bookable product and pay a deposit as a customer.
    2. The vendor would receive an email confirming they have a booking and the deposit had been paid.
    3. The booking would be listed in the vendors dashboard.

    Since going live and activating the PayPalap the vendor no longer receives notification and the booking doesn’t show up in their dashboard after the client pays the deposit. I can send a manual Notify Vendor email. If I revert back to using the WC Vendors Test Gateway it all works again.

    If I manually enter a booking as an admin and mark it as paid offline both the vendor email and dashboard notice work fine.

    Any thoughts or suggestions greatly appreciated.


    Likely there is a disconnect when the actual transaction is processed through paypal. The splitting of the funds is not registering properly and assigning the product to the vendor? I am not sure– I do know that bookings is not yet integrated with WC Vendors, and the extensions will be available fairly soon in which you will be able to use Bookings.
    I do not know how to advise at this point, because until the extensions for Bookings integration is ready for testing, I am unaware of how Bookings needs to be properly integrated for it to function as expected.


    Thanks Anna @fervous. I (stupidly) assumed that if the WC Vendors test gateway was working then so would your Paypal app. And the site is now live. I can manually manage the bookings for now for the vendors but that will only work for a while until things build up.

    I know you are so sick of answering this question and I really do appreciate how hard a job it is BUT any chance we will see the bookings integration before Christmas as was slated a little while ago?


    Should I try my luck with Stripe instead?


    If i can get a more precise estimation for the Bookings integration, I’ll let you know. Otherwise, I have no new info on when it is slated to be finished. I know that it is in the works.. it has been for some time, yes, but I know that there is someone who is working specifically on the Bookings Extensions now.

    I think you should switch to Stripe only if that’s what you would like for your marketplace overall– I use the WC Vendors Stripe Gateway & Commissions plugin for my site and find it works very well- I FAR prefer Stripe over PayPal….. however, that’ll have to be something you’d need to evaluate for your own site– such as: do your customers prefer or demand PayPal? Do you have vendors or a lot of potential vendors that live in countries not supported by Stripe? etc… In addition- I am not sure that switching to Stripe will resolve your current dilemma.

    I wish I had a more accurate time frame for the Bookings extensions- but I do not at this time. I know a lot of users are very anxious for the completion of this integration.


    Thanks Anna.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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