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    Ahmed Mze

    i’m from France, sorry for my english.
    I want to manually pay my vendors, i see we can deactivate the automatic transfer in the stripe dashbord, when i do that, automatic transfer realy switches off?

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    Are you suing our Stripe Connect Gateway & Commissions plugin?
    If so, that will only process commissions at checkout; it does not have the option of manually paying vendors.

    The setting for instant pay is for paypal adaptive payments… you can chose to disable that and pay on a schedule or manually with PayPal.


    Ahmed Mze

    yes i’m suing your Stripe Connect Gateway & Commissions plugin.

    The parameter on the photo does not affect the plugin?

    My start-up is young, I call paypal, they told me that my turnover is not sufficient to use paypal adaptive payment

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    Ok– I thought you were referring to our settings within our plugin- not the settings within Stripe.
    The screen you are showing is the settings within your own Stripe account- and this will manage how Stripe send YOU your own deposits to your bank account- not your vendors. This does not at all control what occurs with the vendors.

    Our Stripe Connect plugin splits commissions at checkout; the vendors receive their commission to their Stripe account that they have connected to your platform; you (admin) received your commissions to your admin Stripe account.


    Ahmed Mze

    Alright I understand how to use the plugin. Is there another solution for us as we cannot use paypal adaptive payments Neither Stripe Connect Gateway & Commissions? Is there an update to come soon for Stripe Connect Gateway & Commissions?
    What if I use a paiement gate between paypal adaptive payments And Stripe Connect Gateway & Commissions Will it have consenquence on the commission rate ?

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