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    hi, i have built an multi vendor ecommerce website using woocommerce and wc vendors. i am from INDIA and the people here do not use Paypal. i want to pay the vendors using other payment gateways available in India like ccavenue, etc. how do i make the payment? if i go to woocommerce>commissions then i can see the list of due payments. there is no payment option. is there a way to pay them directly from the commission page(or by some plugin) by redirecting to the payment gateway website alongwith the vendor details(like bank account number, name, etc) to make things easier. or do i have to open the payment gateway website separately, login n then go back to wordpress, search for the vendor account number, amount due and insert them back to the payment gateway website page and finally make the payment Everytime !! ???

    cant it be easier like the customer does while buying some product
    i.e checkout>payment gateway(which contains the customer’s details and the amount to be paid)> net banking/credit card> paid

    sorry for making it complex. hope u understood what i meant..



    thanks for the quick reply.
    i have checked. but in this process ill have to fetch the bank account number and the payable due amount of the seller manually and then go to my bank website and then transfer the funds every single time. and once i do that, then do i manually have to write an email to the vendor everytime the payment is made as a confirmation email ???
    and how will the vendors keep track of how much money he will be receiving and how much is left??

    WC Vendors Support

    Yup, that’s correct. Manual payments are, after all, manual payments. I keep all my vendors bank details in a spreadsheet, and I run through each vendor and enter their monthly sales to it, then export the spreadsheet and upload it to the bank for processing. Doing this for 100+ vendors takes me less than an hour.

    You’ll find a good work flow for it.

    sadik ergec

    Iam pro user. Its not hard add plugin to bank information iban (wc vendors pro) i dont use paypal too not work in my country and i dont know how can i add bank information for vendors.

    sadik ergec

    and i work with iyzico

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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