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    Jay Ryu


    thanks again for your hard work in developing new shipping options. However, I am not sure if they serve the intended purposes when enabled.

    For example, I set up as below and tried to see if a customer gets a free shipping but the shipping cost is still showing as $5 (international shipping rate I set at) when I logged in as a vendor and try to order a product priced at $51 or over.

    *Free shipping order: 50

    *Free shipping product: 50

    Also, I am not sure what “Maximum product charge” does:

    *Maximum product charge-> your system already does not add up any additional shipping cost no matter how many orders a customer places for the same product.

    Thanks for looking into these.

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    Jay Ryu


    I was just wondering if any of you can help with the above question. thanks in advance!



    Hmm these issues are not happening at all when I test the shipping. Have you set thes ein admin or are you setting a vendor’s rate and experiencing this?

    Maximum Product Shipping: The maximum shipping charged per product no matter the quantity.
    So, if this is set to $4.. then never will a customer be charged for more than $4 for shipping when they order a single product.. even if they order 100 of that product. If the product costs $2 to ship, then they will pay $2 shipping for each product until reaching the maximum of $4. So if they ordered 100 of that product.. they’d only pay shipping for the first two of those 100.

    Jay Ryu

    thanks Anna but the only function working is “maximum shipping charged per order”. free shipping order/product functions don’t work. I am using social marketplace. should I speak to buddyboss about this?

    thanks for looking into this.


    Hmm.. I am not sure how the BuddyBoss theme would affect this, as I do not think they alter this at all.
    Are these simple or variable products? Or both?

    Jay Ryu

    for both, it has too many scenarios and I don’t think I will want to go through all of them to find the exact logic of the errors.. but it seems “Free shipping product” is certainly not delivering its intended function.

    There’s another fatal error with image uploading. If a vendor edits some variations after adding a product and click save button gallery images will be automatically deleted.


    Ok, I am sorry but I cannot replicate either of these issues on two different development sites.
    I do not currently have a dev site with the Social Marketplace installed.
    Could you please test using the Storefront theme with only the plugins WooCommerce, WC Vendors and WC Vendors Pro activated, and see if either of these two issues occurs?
    I need to know if this happens without the One Social theme, the buddyboss marketplace plugin, or any other plugins installed on your site. Then we can know if this is coming from WooCommerce or WC Vendors/WC Vendors Pro …


    Dear Anna,

    I have the same problem as @elsa : my aim is to offer free shipping over 70€ for each vendor.

    So I filled the “Free shipping order (per vendor)” field with this amount. But it does not have any effect. I also filled the “Default product handling fee (per vendor)” input for the shipping cost under 70€ (5,50€).
    Whatever can be the amount in the cart for a vendor, the shipping cost does not change : 5,50€.

    I did the same tests with the only 3 necessary plugins activated (woocommerce, wcvendors, wcvendors pro) with the same result.
    I also replaced my current theme (buddyboss marketplace) with storefront, without any effect.

    Wordpress : 4.7.1
    Woocommerce version : 3.06
    WC Vendors Pro 1.4.3
    WC Vendors 1.9.11
    PHP : 5.4.16


    I have had exactly the same problem but seemed to resolve it.

    The “Free shipping order” function did not appear to work. I was setting it to 100 at the Order level and then when I had an order for >100 then it was not reverting to free shipping.

    Through testing different scenarios I have worked out that this is due to a conflict with the shipping rules for the individual item. I had the “Charge once per product” option enabled. When I unchecked this option then it worked.

    So there is definitely a bug in there but I cannot articulate it very well.


    I have a question. There is the option to have one shipping charge for multiple of the same item but not an option to have one shipping charge for multiple different items from the same vendor. It would make no sense to charge a customer several times if the items are coming in the same box from the same vendor. I need a solution to this. Is this something you can help with?


    In dashboard/settings/#shipping set the “Minimum shipping charged per order” and “Maximum shipping charged per order” to the same value eg 10.

    All orders for that vendor, agnostic of volume and type of product, will just be charged at 10.

    Is that what you mean?


    Thank you for that information- I will do some testing and see if there is a bug there with the checkbox “charge only once..” being selected and the Free Shipping Order.

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