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    I am glad to introduce new theme with extended support and functions for WC Vendor PRO – Revendor (child of Rehub theme).

    new multivendor theme

    Demo is here. Use testvendor/testvendor to login

    Theme has modern design and tons of interesting functions. I just want to show some of them.

    First of all – all profiles are also extended by Buddypress (private messages, friendship requests, etc). Theme already has many BP functions and customizations. This is how default BP profile look – (if you want to see profile with all enabled MyCred extensions – check here )

    Next – I added modified store page with tabs – check store page.

    Store page will work with Free version also, difference is that PRO version has rating tab + ability to upload own logo and banner (Free version will show default logo and image for all members)

    Also, I added favorite button for stores and additional shortcode to show sellers.

    This is how default vendor list looks

    This is example of additional shortcode looks ( check feature seller part ). Shortcode can show archive of all sellers and also separate sellers

    Of course, dashboard was modified to have better look. Both, free and PRO version will have clean modern design, I also created special tabs which are converted in dropdown on mobiles.

    Another good option is login/register block in header which will be converted to dropdown user menu for logged users where he can see notifications from BP, edit url for own store, reputation points and other. You can add additional links to this menu. Register popup also supports WC Vendor role (apply to become vendor checkbox)

    Theme also has many functions for woocommerce. You can see some unique fields on demo (check unique product types). For example, vendor can add external product and coupon or printable coupon, also theme supports deal countdown and product expiration. Single product page can be visible as full width or with sidebar.

    Single product page has compact and extended Vendor block.

    Theme has several additional widgets and woocommerce modules: featured woocommerce area, full width slider of products, carousel of products. Product loops can be as grid (2 designs), list, rows. Of course, all modules supports WC Vendor snippets. Additional woo widgets are “deal of day”, better categories widget, slider of products.

    One of unique function of theme is that it can connect different post types. For example, you can create post review about product and connect it with woocommerce product. Woocommerce CTA block supports ajax cart. Also, it’s possible to connect with list of woocommerce products.

    The same is for products. You can connect them with post review and user will see “read full review” link in product description.

    Revendor theme is part of Rehub theme which has even much more functions. You can buy multivendor theme on Themeforest. Revendor child theme is inside full theme package.

    If you will find any bugs or you have some ideas – write in comments

    WC Vendors Support

    Looks nice! I’ll add it to our Themes page now.


    6.2.1 added support for follow/unfollow buttons for stores (works with BP follow plugin)


    Hi @wpsoul

    Your theme is freaking awesome. Crazy! Just want to know more on your theme, is your theme comes with filter for vendor location?



    CUrrently we are working on store locator. Some sollutions were found already and I think we will add this in next 10-14 days

    WC Vendors Support

    There’s a plugin called WC Vendors Maps being released next week. That’ll handle any vendor location and stuff like that, and even give vendors a map to where their customers are. More on it later, anyone registered here will get an email about it later next week.



    Wow, great news for me actually, your theme is totally a hybrid, some pages on mobile my are too wide. Hope you fix this, after I am done with my current website, I will definitely give it a try!!!

    Happy Win here!


    Wow @Ben,

    You guys really working hard on giving us the best service ever! Is it a free plugin or paid plugin? What you mean was my customers can filter the vendor location now right? Can you be more descriptive? I think is time I sit down with my team for long discussion though! Haha. Since the day I started WC Vendor, I never feel regret!


    WC Vendors Support

    It’ll be $54, and it’s written by a third party, Philopress. @Shane is the developer of it. He has it on the demo server (dev.wcvendors.com) right now — Go to the Pro Dashboard and click “Customer Map”. πŸ™‚ Shane has sent me the docs for it, I’ve just been a bit overwhelmed by moving to a new area right now I’ve yet to put it online. We’re also doing some internal updates in WC Vendors Free/Pro so that it can use a new licensing system that actually works unlike the shit one we have now. πŸ˜‰ Expect it to be available for purchase by the end of the week.


    Go to the Pro Dashboard and click β€œCustomer Map”.

    ‘Customers Map’ will show you the location and # of purchases of each of your customers.

    Store Locator will show the locations of all stores and allows filtering.


    @wpsoul Nice work!! Great theme with nice integration and styling for wc vendors. πŸ™‚

    Awesome! This will be a great feature to have. Woot! πŸ˜€


    I see that @shane created separate paid extension.

    We also found free sollution and after many customizations we added free Store Locator to our theme. Next thing we made in 6.2.3

    1. I used Geo My WordPress locator, because I didn’t find another good member sollution.
    2. I copied some functions and map forms from GMW and found way to add map locatorform to settings for WC Vendor (works for free and paid version). GMW form is ajaxed, so, it works great on setting page. I also customized scripts of form and now, if you use WC Vendor PRO, data from map locator will be also populated in adress fields of WC Vendor
    3. I created vertical and horizontal search form for GMW
    4. I created 5 custom output templates for search results. 2 templates shows BP users, 2 shows Vendors, 1 is combined seller list.
    5. I added some filters in map, so, map pins shows vendor store data instead of user data.
    6. I added customized icons, so, map will show store icon if user is vendor and member icon if user is not vendor.

    One of examples of store locator page here

    How to setup Store locator in theme

    Karen Thomas

    I’m so excited seeing this! It looks really clean and the Search bar is where people can actually find it and IT WORKS!! Since changing over to One Social, customers can’t find the search option and if they do happen to find it they are expected to type in just one word or the exact term for products otherwise they can’t find them. Search is crucial and is estimated to be used by 70% of website visitors. Thank you for ensuring the basics work great along with having a fab looking theme.

    I’ve had HUGE headaches with the One Social Marketplace theme and would be more than happy to switch!

    Could you guarantee to work closely with Ben and Jamie to ensure your theme is updated to always be in line with any new features we have with WCVendors Pro? A big problem has been One Social Marketplace is often behind, so we don’t see the new features straight away.

    Many thanks,



    Hi @wpsoul

    Can you please tell me if your store locator page could be set as the home page? And would I be able to remove the map and just have the search function with the vendor results?

    Do you think the theme will suit Bookable products once Pro is updated with Bookings integration?

    Thank you for your help


    @Conscious Crafties I think BuddyBoss is also great developers, but they have many themes, so less time to develop single theme for multivendors. But I like many things which they do

    Yesterday we updated store locator functions and added additional custom search form, special for using on home pages. It has big fields and can be used inside visual composer modules http://screencast.com/t/3Auj8Icr

    And yes, Geo My WordPress can show/hide map and even divide results and search form on different pages. Currently, I like this plugin and how it works.

    Also, we added support for post/products. Sometimes buyers ask for these feature (so, users can search not vendors in their location, but products)


    Currently, we start investigate another popular request – vendor paid subscriptions


    Done. We found sollution for this and added some customizations.

    Here part of article where is some snippets about WC Vendor synchronization


    Very nice! the documentation there will be very helpful for a lot of users.
    You have made a great integration with wc vendors- with so many features- in this child theme for Rehub.


    We continue developing multi vendor functions.

    And next part is ready – extended filters for vendors.

    Many buyers ask how to add categories for vendors and now we made this. Steps were next:

    1. We added inclusions of xprofile fields in login/register popup, woocommerce register page and store settings. So, you can add additional fields in register form.

    2. To use filters for search form – you can use Geo My WordPress with some new output templates in theme

    3. We also updated search templates of form in GMW

    4. We also added data from Xprofile in main Store (vendor) page




    This theme has been how long?

    The theme is translated 100% French or not?
    There are people who speak French in your Help Support?

    I have problems with my theme Social Marketplace, one I can not find a solution I would request a refund and can be that I would buy this theme.


    How you buy your theme ? (link)


    Basic theme language is english, but you can easily translate theme. Usually, you need to translate just some words.

    We don’t have french speeking support

    Tell me what problem do you have with social market?



    Thank you for your reply.

    I hanging problems only on the dashboard page, loading the tab between the dashboard is long (6/7 second)


    I have problems of permanante redirection (in my my browser development tool), which could explain delays my problems? I never create 301 redirect, I do not understand.

    I reset my wordpress (my clone), I redo everything from scratch, the problem persists. I also have a translation problem buddypress in “setting” and “e-mail option,” the buttons yes / no in English, I would like to have French.

    When I change themes (storefront for example) I have no problem with the translation, but I still have the problem of slowness in the dashboard.


    Hi Igor,

    I tried to go to the demo version today, but could only get to the cache version.

    Impossible to login from there as login accepts the testvendor credential and then does nothing.

    Is it temporary?


    It was temporarly problem on hosting account. Must work now


    For last update we added one important and useful function for combination GMW locator and Vendor plugin. Very often, owners of site want to add search with location to products. Means, that user will get results with products, not vendors. GMW has such module and it works similar to user module. Problem was that vendors must add location to each product which they add to site. We solve this with small script. Now, vendors can set their location only once in store settings and all new products will have this location assigned automatically.


    Thank you for continuing to provide excellent support the theme and add more useful features. πŸ™‚


    I purchased and installed this theme a short while ago, it is a really great theme. Very rich in features and on top of this the support is above and beyond! The author have stretched far beyond what would be expected and at one point even created custom solutions in his theme to solve my needs (and probably other users too). I didn’t even ask him for the custom solutions, It came as a surprise about two days after my inquiry…
    I can hands down say that this is the absolutely best support I have ever received from anyone that have not been an employee of mine.

    The theme is extremely rich in (optional) functionality and needs some setting up to make use of all the advanced features. However the step by step guides with text and images provided on his website dedicated to marketplace configurations, WPSoul.com, makes this pretty straight forward. It also have great buddy press integration, and is a great option for sites that only need buddy press integration without a vendor integration. It is also bundled with other plugins from the author to bring further functionality.

    It comes with several child themes that caters to different requirements and tastes when it comes to design and functionality. The style elements of Re:vendor, that I have used, are very good and does not “dominate” the site. Leaving a visual room for the content and functions to come through in a way that is easy for the users to navigate.

    With very advanced functionality at a very reasonable cost compared to the competition, and great support and fast development I can warmly recommend the rehub theme!



    Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I am so glad to know that the author has been so extremely helpful to you. Good deal! πŸ˜€


    @wpsoul hi, How can I improve the mobile version ? does not look good, especially buddypress
    Thank you so much


    not clear what you mean. Buddypress pages are totally responsive, we added even special scripts for Buddypress tabed menu for mobiles, emails and other improvements

    P.s. I didn’t write here about new features, but we didn’t stop improvements.

    First of all, we added many bridges between theme, wc vendor and membership plugins. For example, you can synchronize vendor role with other role. This is very helpful when you want to divide all users with different roles and restrictions. For example, your membership plugin has role “PRO user”. You can sync it with vendor role and when user get this role, he automatically get also vendor role.

    The same is possible for reputation system based on Mycred. For example, you can set number of points when user will get (or lose) vendor role.

    Other improvement is integration of our unique comparison function to woocommerce. No need for heavy and useless YITH compare plugin. Our extension is very light and allows to compare even different groups of products with own comparison page. Page can be automatically (will show all attributes of woocommerce product) or can be custom (you can choose elements for comparison). Compare page is responsive and draggable on mobiles and seo optimised.

    Also, we added more deep integration with Buddypress and now you can sync vendor role and Buddypress Member Type system. This can be a big step to make not only multi vendor site but also community in the same time.

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