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    Chris Lin

    I have some questions regarding your WC Vendors + Bookings integration. Our needs are focused around online tutors (customers select time slots with our tutors and pay based off 30,45,60 minute time slots). From this purpose, the vendors will be teachers.

    1) Can vendor registration be disabled?
    2) Can this integration allow vendors to set the availability for the product BUT not allow them to set the price? We want the prices to be defined by the admin with the vendors getting a portion of the payout (commission based).
    3) I’ve been messing with http://dev.wcvendors.com and am able to make bookable products but no ability to assign the bookable products to multiple vendors. is the vendor1 an admin or vendor login?
    4) When setting the fixed blocks to minutes as oppose to hours (http://chrisl.in/s/c20b8b.png), the calendar does not show here: http://dev.wcvendors.com/shop/music/tutor/ but if I switch it to hours, it will show. Is that intentional? I would prefer to show the calendar much like what happens if I use a time duration like hours, days, months.
    5) Would I be able to set multiple “products” and apply it to specific vendors OR apply to all? I would not want vendors to add their own products, it’s something only the admin should be able to do. In my case, products would be time slots for X (example: 30 minute lesson for $30, 60 minute lesson for $60 which I can then apply to a segment of tutors or all)


    1. Yes- you can disable vendor registration. There are settings in WC Vendors to do so.

    2. You can allow vendors to create a product listing, but then not allow the listing to be published live until admin approval. You could then, as admin, set the price for the product before approving. You also have the option to remove the price field in the front-end (vendor) product form if you do not wish them to list the price.

    3. vendor1 is a vendor login, not admin. Admin can assign a product to a vendor in the product add/edit in admin. However, products can only be assigned to one vendor, not multiple vendors.

    4. I’ll check on this and make sure we do not have a bug.

    5. You can list and assign a product to a vendor. You can block vendors form being able to list products, and then as admin just create and assign the products, yes. You cannot assign a product (the same product) to more than one vendor. If you have many similar or identical products, you can duplicate the listing and assign it to a new vendor.

    Chris Lin

    @fervous thanks for your response!

    2) that works fine. I guess if anything I can also disable/remove the ability for them to find the “add” product menu item as well so it’s not that big a deal now that I think about it.

    4) any updates on this? the item I listed in the wc vendor dev has the exact bugs for your devs to look into

    5) This would seem to be an issue. So if every vendor needs the same product…I would need to make the same item individually for every vendor? Is there a way to make it so products can be assigned to multiple vendors? My concern is each vendor would have 3 products and I have 20 vendors to start so it seems to be a lot of duplicated products. As the list of vendors grow, so does the duplication and ability to manage the products (if I need to edit the description on a specific product, I would need to repeat for each vendor).

    Chris Johnson

    For your number 5 question, you may want to use something like WP All Import to update your products based on a csv/excel document in batch. It supports record matching where you identify a unique field in your product to match with a field in your spreadsheet. If that field matches it will make any necessary updates to the mapped field values. If setup correctly, you can have one row in your spreadsheet update thousands of products on your site either on-demand or via a cron schedule.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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