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    Hi…would it be correct to assume that with WC Vendors Pro, all WooCommerce add-ons are multi-vendorized?

    For example, add-ons like WooCommerce Points & Rewards, WooCommerce Bulk Pricing, WooCommerce Group Buying…If I have WC Vendors Pro, will that mean all vendors products will benefit from these add-ons?

    Is there a difference between how WC-Vendors works with Woocommerce Add-on vs WooCommerce Extension?

    Or, will you folks need to multi-vendorize each add-on over time (like you did for simple auctions and bookings).

    Thanks very much!


    It depends on the add-on or plugin, and what the functions of that add-on/extensions or plugin is.
    Most need to have fields built into the WC Vendors Pro front end forms in order for those options to show up. Sometimes this can be simple; other times, not so much (if it involves a date picker, for instance, it can be more complicated).
    If the plugin affects the transaction/financials, it will sometimes require a full integration which can get very complicated due to commissions. Most of the time with plugins the vendor will not be recognized, and the payment will go to the admin.
    These plugins are built for a single store- so often they need to be integrated somewhat so that the vendor role is recognized.


    Thanks Anna…any view of which other add-ons/plugins you guys are working on or will be multi-vendorizing like you did with bookings?


    Up next will be WooCommerce Subscriptions and WooCommerce Pre-Orders. I am not sure *when* either of these will be completed, but work has been started on both.
    More integrations are planned.. we have a list to work with and also have to analyze each to determine the workload, the demand and the plugins themselves to ensure compatibility.

    Brian Koffler

    Hi – i’m new to WC Vendors and WooCommerce generally, but not to WordPress or PHP. I’m working on a project and i believe your Pro version may provide me with almost everything i need – but i have a similar question to above. IN short, if there are WooCommerce add-ons which are not ready to be used in a multi-vendor environment such as WC Vendors, can i use them if i am looking to utilize them to benefit the marketplace?

    The functionality i am looking for is the ability to offer optional products/services which a buyers would see at checkout – but they would be offered by me (the marketplace) as opposed to the store that the buyer purchased the original item from.

    Is this something you have run into?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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