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As of August 31, 2017 (12am EST) our support forums will be retired (read-only), and we will be moving to a support ticket system.  This will allow us to better organize and answer support requests, and provide a more personalized experience as we assist our customers.

For the time being, we will leave our forums open for reading and learning while we work on creating a more robust Knowledge Base for everyone to use.

If you are a WC Vendors Pro customer please open a support ticket here. 

If you are a WC Vendors user please open a support ticket on the Wordpress.org forums.

The information on this forum is outdated and in most instances no longer relevant. Please be sure to check our documentation for the most up to date information.


Thank you to all of our customers!


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    Hi Ben and Digitalchild!

    I’m nothing other than blown away by just how good WC Vendors is, and so you have my heartfelt congratulations for all your hard work; it really is an awesome system, and one that I reckon has a very bright future indeed!

    I did have a quick question about forcing a couple of fields on the vendor details/product addition forms to be mandatory, and these are as follows:

    1: PayPal email address (on the “Signup” form)

    2: Price (on the “Products” form) – in the case of a free product, the vendor could enter 0 as a workaround?

    3: National Shipping (on the “Products” form) – in the case of free delivery, the vendor could always make this 0 perhaps?

    As things stand, the PayPal email address is the priority for us, and I was therefore wondering if you guys might have any update-safe ways (perhaps using a filter of some kind?) of making such fields required?

    I will very much look forward to hearing from you with your thoughts!



    Hi Alex,

    Thanks, your support and kind words! Yes we have filters for every single field on all forms on the front end to override/change things as much as you like.

    1. It’s funny you ask for this as it used to be mandatory and a lot of people asked that we make it optional 🙂
    2. They can enter 0 for free product
    3. There is actually a ‘free shipping’ check box if they want free shipping.

    Here is a gist to make the 3 above required.





    You, sir, are truly a gentleman and a scholar!

    Thanks so much for that incredibly handy snippet …WC Vendors really is the best!

    Thanks again,



    Hey Guys

    Thanks for making this awesome plugin.

    We have nearly the same question as Alex. We would like to “require” some fields in the Vendor Pro Store Signup. I already have tried to do the code by myself but id did not end up well. So i wanted to ask if you can show me the coding for making Required Fields possible in the Store setup.

    I think i was right to code that into “class-wcvendors-pro-store-form.php”

    Thanks for your help,



    I have the same question. How can I add mandatory fields to the vendor sign-up form in Pro?

    WC Vendors Support

    In Pro v1.4.0, there will be checkboxes to make or not make a field required. You can continue to use the functions.php code as outlined in the KnowledgeBase till then, or wait for 1.4.0 for simplicity. 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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