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     Peter Firth 

    I’ve read the installation guide and the last few pages of this forum, but can’t figure this out.

    When viewing the Vendor Dashboard as a vendor account, if I go to Settings>Payment all I see is the Paypal option.

    I have Stripe enabled in WooCommerce>Checkout>Gateways.

    My Stripe account seems to be connected and working properly.

    The Stripe Gateway is showing up as a Checkout option on my site.

    Any ideas why it’s not showing in the Vendor Dashboard?

    Also I see an issue in my Status regarding the Pro Dashboard. As per screenshot I have created a separate page for the free dashboard, and am using the Pro dashboard page (which shows up on my site), so not sure why the error message?

     Peter Firth 

    As is always the case – submit a ‘ticket’ and 2 minutes later figure it out yourself. Turns out I had the Stripe gateway activated, not Stripe Connect. Button now appears on the Dashboard as it should!

    As a side/follow up question … if I want Stripe to handle ALL vendor commissions, is it possible to remove the Paypal details and the text saying “Your PayPal address is used to send you your commission.” ?


    [edit]Again seem to have answered my own question: *rolleyes*

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