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    When I get to the checkout, my Stripe Gateway only shows the transaction in USD. I would like to use GBP but the total never shows as this when it comes to paying via Stripe. Even when the Stripe ‘pop up’ box is disabled and I use the inbuilt payment (e.g. enter the credit card details in the form) the transaction still processes in USD.

    I have tried to change the ‘data-currency’ to GBP to no avail, (even though the function us meant to use the Woocommerce currency which is GBP,

    Please advise, this is the only thing holding me back from fully using WCVendors.

    Thank you

    WC Vendors Official Support

    We just go based on your WooCommerce currency setting. What’s your currency set to in WooCommerce > Settings ?


    It’s currently set to Pounds Sterling (£)


    Managed to get the in-built form working, but the modal view still processes un USD only.

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