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    hi I have created an addon for wcvendors free and pro version currently i am on free version and it seems to be working fine on it i would like to know what is the directory name and class file name of pro version i have to add a condition when user is going to install this addon can someone help me with it ?


    I am not certain what exactly you need here– you’ll need to look through WC Vendors Pro and find what you need for your plugin to work properly.


    I have created this plugin for pro and free version if this is not pro when i install it, it looks for directory and plugin active like

    // Require WCVendors plugin
    if (is_plugin_active( ‘wc-vendors/class-wc-vendors.php’ ) and current_user_can( ‘activate_plugins’ )) {

    above is just for free version what i am using but i don’t know what is the directory and class name for pro version

    this is my plugin demo : http://shafiq.alphainvestment.pk/wcvendors/


    I think that’s all you’d need there
    Nice plugin! 🙂


    yes that’s exactly i was looking for thanks 😀


    can you add google map in your future version as a field for vendor Latitude and longitude in user meta ? it would be really great just a single field like dokan uses ? i used the same field to show results on map as well on the same way for dokan and willing to add this on wcvendors as well ? like only one field for pro or free version

    single field for user shop latitude,longitude

    can i add this field in wcvenders core git repo ? i am not good knowing of wcvenders as a front-end and a vendor or is there any custom field option available for vendor or any modetory field for it ? can you help me achieving it.

    i have looked into wcvendors google map but not sure how it is using address i like to add exact location of vendor physical shop


    @kas5986 Syed,
    You can create a pull request for WC Vendors free in github if you’d like… I know we have the Pro v1.4.0 and the WooCommerce update coming in a little over a week, so new features are not on the plate right at the moment, but if you wish to collaborate on this, create a pull request and this may be something we can work on for a future version. 🙂


    hi anna I have added the field in wcvendors core currently didn’t pull all done testing and will push it thanks i didn’t add map pointer yet init but there is a basic latitude,longitude field added in shop settings page


    anna there is a folder named trunk in free version but it doesn’t appear in git cloned version is it part of code or it is just here ? i didn’t see it in git folder


    hi anna just added a field and map but not able to push on master repo so just given you example pic how will you test it i am did just quick work on it today 8 hours only that is done i am unable to push either my branch or merge it to master.


    if you don’t mind can i offer custom development here if someone ask to do some custom job on your forum ?


    Not 100% sure on either question, Syed, but I am checking on it. 😉


    anna i am just querious to know if location field become a part of core or should i need to hook wcvendors_settings_after_shop_name from my plugin to achieve this map functionality on it ?

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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