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Video Overview of the Pro Vendor Shipping Module

Not covered in the video but useful to know:

Country Table Rate

A full list of country codes and states can be found here: https://github.com/woothemes/woocommerce/tree/master/i18n/states. Any states / countries not found would have to be reported to WooThemes for inclusion in the next WooCommerce patch, as we rely on their data to be accurate and up to date (which 99% of the time, it is).

Examples of Country Table Rates:

  • US FL 9.99 = $9.99 for shipping to United States – Florida
  • US (empty) 19.99 = $19.99 for shipping to United States, everywhere, except Florida since Florida is defined.
  • GR L 9.99 = $9.99 for shipping to Greece, ????? ??????
  • GR (empty) 19.99 = $19.99 for shipping to Greece, everywhere, except ????? ?????? since ????? ?????? is defined
  • (empty) (empty) 19.99 = $19.99 to everywhere else not added.

Both Shipping Systems

Changes in values

WooCommerce caches shipping values for an hour. So, if you’re reloading the checkout page immediately after making changes to test and don’t see the value changes, that’s WooCommerce, not us. 🙂

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