TalkJS - Chat


The TalkJS plugin allows you to add user-to-user chat to your marketplace, on-demand app, or social platform. You’ll have it up and running in 5 minutes. It integrates fully with WCVendors.

This plugin offers you shortcodes and template tags for our three basic views: The inbox, the chatbox and the chat pop-up. It also adds a chatbox widget and an inbox-page.

TalkJS is the messaging tool for platforms. Add buyer seller chat to your marketplace, on-demand app, or peer-to-peer chat to your social platform. Similar to what Airbnb, Upwork, or LinkedIn are offering in messaging.

By providing direct contact between your users, you’re saving on customer support time, increase user interaction and retention.

With this plugin, you can add TalkJS to your WordPress installation in just a few clicks and allow your users to chat with each other inside of your website or app right away!

NOTE: This plugin is free, but you’ll need a TalkJS subscription to be able to use it in a production environment. TalkJS has a 14 day free trial when you go live.

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