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    Dear Ben and Jamie!

    I have some fundamental questions about your plugin that decides if it is any good for me for its not-so-low price!

    1. I just bought your Pro version and im in a shock that it does not support Auction plugin as it was written in your supported plugins section. I registered a test vendor account to my site and when I upload a product I can choose Auction as a product type but there are no crucial options as when the bidding start and end, whats the bid increment, buyout price, etc that options comes with the simple auctions plugin.
    Do i have some settings set up all wrong or….?

    2. Attributes. Im making a marketplace of a specific product, and it is essential that the vendors can type in text in the attributes fields (and I want to make them mandatory to fill in – is that possible? if yes how?). I think im not alone on this one. This function is essential for almost every webshop I imagine. I cant imagine im the only one with this problem. I need fields in which vendors can describe parameters in 2-3-4 words at least. A very basic example is where can the product be taken over… like cities. I dont have 999999 hours to upload all the cities and villages names in my country one-by-one. Or the date when it was produced (1990.01.01, 1990.01.02…), or the amount of last year’s turnover for a company, etcetc.

    This two deficiency I discovered in 1,5 minutes. Can these problems be solved, should I go back surfing in the plugin or should I ask for a refund? Because if these things cannot be solved asap, this pro plugin is totally unusable for me and so it was a huge amount of money for me going to waste 🙁

    I hope you dont resent me for saying that maybe you should try out making a demo version of this so people can try out before spending this whole lot of money. This way you would get a lot less complaints in the future I think.

    Asides from this, It looks great and this front-end management is exactly what I was looking for. I hope my problems can be solved and I just missed some settings because this plugin would be so awesome!

    Thanks for your help and understanding in advance!

    WC Vendors Support

    Hi Adam,

    1.) Auctions would need to be added to your Add Product template. We’ll be adding as many of these for you automatically in future updates, but for now it’s simply the default WooCommerce product types. You could start modifying the add/edit product page templates (as outlined in the Pro Setup Guide in the KB) if you want to do this in advance.

    2.) Attributes and Variations recently changed in WooCommerce 2.4 and we had to restart them from scratch. We should have them in time for version 1.2. We’re working non stop around the clock on things, and these are one of our highest priorities. Version 1.1 will add in the shipping module support, and version 1.2 will be Variations/Attributes and WooThemes Bookings support.




    Dear Ben,

    thank you for your answer!

    1. Could you please give me some more specifics? Is it a simple copy&paste in php editor? In which file is this thing coded? I cant seem to find it (i guess it should be somewhere in simple auctions plugin’s directory right?) . Can you please point me to the right direction?
    Also, I don’t have wc-vendors directory in my theme folder, is that supposed to be automatically created when installing the plugin or should i create it?

    2. Do you have a rough estimation about when you can finish the work with it? 🙂



    WC Vendors Support

    Hi Adam,

    1.) It’s easier said than done, of course. 🙂 It will be different when working with any plugin, because every plugin does things differently. Don’t know what to copy and paste, or write, until we compare how everything works.

    2.) It’ll be roughly 30 days. First we have to push out a bug fix release v1.0.1. And then 1.1 will include the shipping modules that we need in it. And 1.2 will be Attributes/Variations and Bookings Support.

    WC Vendors Support

    To all: Help beta test Simple Auctions with WC Vendors Pro.

    Please keep replies about the integration into the thread there, so everything is in one place. 🙂

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