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    I was wondering if it were possible for the vendors to input their price in their own currency? I am running an international multi vendor e-commerce website. I was wondering if there is anything I can do?

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    Hi Ant,

    You will need to get multi currency working with WooCommerce then you will be able to allow your vendors to set difference currencies.



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    the admin gets the email as well as the customer

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    Hi there,
    We are gathering up people who may be interested in allowing their international Vendors to enter product prices and shipping in their own countries currency. We’re hoping if there is enough of us interested, a currency plug in developer will work with Ben and Jamie to develop this functionality.
    If this is something that interests you, please post a ‘I’m interested’ in this forum post:

    Many thanks,

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    This a very important plug-in that needs to be developed in my opinion.@Jamie can you please post a link to a multi-currency plug-in you have suggested that will allow vendors to input the local currency they want to sell their products in and the currency displays on the front end by their products?

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    I do not believe there is a multi-currency plugin that quite works like this with woocommerce and wc vendors at this time.
    Please read up in this thread; Jamie explained some of the complications with this scenario and other users are trying to work on getting something developed that can make this possible.

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    Hi all,
    I’m the lead developer behind the Aelia Currency Switcher (not to be confused with the currency switcher copied our plugin’s name, and was released over a year later).

    I replied to another thread on the topic, explaining what work would be behind making WC Vendors “multi-currency aware”. We are ready to work with the WC Vendors team, but it’s something that we must plan carefully.
    Since I would rather not post the same (long) content multiple times, you can find my post here:

    Apologies if I cross-posted multiple times in a short time span. I was invited to reply to the original thread and, since I noticed some interest in having a multi-currency WC Vendors, I thought of leaving a note in the threads about such topic. 🙂

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