A Guide To WC Vendors Membership: An Amazing Marketplace Membership Plugin

A Guide To WC Vendors Membership: An Amazing Marketplace Membership Plugin

If you’re looking for a powerful and easy-to-use marketplace membership plugin that allows you to earn guaranteed income from your vendors, then we invite you to give WC Vendors Membership a shot.

Do you want to charge your vendors to list products on your marketplace? Are you hoping to modify the commissions a vendor receives based on their subscription? WC Vendors Membership allows you to create and sell marketplace membership plans to your vendors, ensuring significant gains for your online shopping hub.

On top of that, both WC Vendors Marketplace Free Plugin and WC Vendors Pro support this feature. So if you’re already using either of these plugins, you’re in for a treat!

In this article, we explore the best things about our WC Vendors Membership. So let’s get started!

A Guide To WC Vendors Membership: A Powerful WooCommerce Extension
WC Vendors Membership is a robust marketplace membership plugin

What Is WC Vendors Membership?

WC Vendors Membership is a potent and versatile marketplace membership plugin for your online multi-vendor marketplace. Basically, it lets you design membership plans to sell to individuals or businesses hoping to use your platform as vendors.

In other words, WC Vendors Membership allows you to charge vendors regularly for using your platform to sell their products and/or services.

But that’s not all. This marketplace membership extension boasts versatile features that grant you many membership customization options. As a result, you can set various limits on your vendors’ selling abilities.

For example, it gives you control over how many products vendors can publish with and without a subscription. You can determine which product categories they’re allowed to sell. Moreover, you can create different membership plans to meet your specific needs.

All in all, WC Vendors Membership can help you build up consistent revenue that you can use to expand your business. Not bad, if your goal is to establish the top multi-vendor marketplace in the industry!

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WC Vendors Membership Features

WC Vendors Membership is loaded with features that you can use to boost your online marketplace’s performance. Let’s look at some of the things you can do with this plugin!

1. Create different marketplace membership plans

WC Vendors Membership allows you to customize all aspects of a membership plan. So why settle for one plan when you can have two, three, or more?

In other words, you can create as many different marketplace membership plans as you like. Here’s an example:

The WC Vendors Membership WooCommerce extension lets you create different membership plans
Different membership plans (click to zoom)

2. Configure membership plans based on commissions

You can set different commission rates for each of your plans. Therefore, you can create plans with varying reward systems, letting you offer something for every vendor.

And thanks to WC Vendors Pro, you can use any of the following commission types:

  • Fixed
  • Fixed and fee
  • Percentage
  • Percentage and fee
  • Sales by Vendor
  • Sales by Product
  • Product Price

All this allows you to create one of the most advanced commission systems for any marketplace plugin today.

3. Set various limits

With every plan, you can set limits on a range of options, including how many products and what product types a vendor can publish for that plan.

For example, the plan below allows vendors to publish up to 100 products on their online store. In addition, it lets them sell accessories, hoodies, and T-shirts only.

The WC Vendors Membership WooCommerce extension lets you set various limits
Setting limits via a membership plan (click to zoom)

As you can see, the plan above also lets vendors upload no more than 2,000 files and use up to 1,000 MB of disk space.

This means WC Vendors Membership also allows you to set different file and storage limits for each plan. Therefore, it encourages vendors to upload relevant media only, which can keep your hosting clean and in order.

Our marketplace membership plugin lets you set the following limits:

  • Subscription price
  • Subscription expiry
  • Signup fee
  • Product limit
  • Commission type
  • Disk usage limit
  • File count limit
  • Allowed categories

4. Offer vendors easy-to-use subscriptions

WC Vendors Membership makes it easy for marketplace owners to create subscriptions. However, vendors will also find these subscriptions easy to use.

For starters, a vendor can select their preferred plan during sign-up or from the settings page. Then, once they’ve already subscribed to a plan, they can see when it will be renewed or if it has been canceled. Furthermore, they can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel their plans.

Our marketplace membership extension also allows marketplace owners to enjoy a good degree of automation. For example, when a vendor exceeds their product limit, the system automatically disables their ability to create new products.

Marketplace membership plans are only available to vendors; they aren’t visible to customers.

The WC Vendors Membership WooCommerce extension lets vendors easily access membership information and options
Vendors can easily access membership information and options (click to zoom)

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Our WC Vendors Membership plugin requires the following products to function:

  1. WooCommerce v3.5.x+ ( free)
  2. WC Vendors v2.1.x+ (free)
  3. WC Vendors Pro (buy now) v1.6.x+
  4. WooCommerce Subscriptions 2.4.x and above (Purchased @ woocommerce.com)
  5. A supported payment gateway from WooCommerce Subscriptions.

More WC Vendors Membership Guides

Do you want to learn more about our WC Vendors Membership plugin? Then please check out our documentation via this link.

Furthermore, we’ve prepared a detailed tutorial on how to create your own marketplace membership subscriptions:

How To Charge Vendors In Your Marketplace (A Membership Subscriptions Guide)


WC Vendors Membership is a powerful and user-friendly plugin that allows you to create various marketplace membership plans for your vendors. This way, it helps guarantee consistent profits from your vendors.

To summarize, this plugin allows you to:

  1. Create different membership plans
  2. Configure membership plans based on commissions
  3. Set various limits
  4. Offer vendors and owners easy-to-use-subscriptions

Would you like to know more about WC Vendors Membership? If so, feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

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