Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce


Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce lets you capture the Booking Date & Booking Time for each product thereby allowing your WooCommerce store to effectively function as a Booking system. You can sell overnight bookings, tickets, tours, hotel reservations, appointments & rentals.
Offer any product on your store as a bookable product. The plugin allows you to turn Simple Products, Variable Products, Grouped Products, Product Bundles and Composite Products into Bookable Products.
The plugin is tightly integrated with WC Vendors PRO, thereby allowing vendors to create bookable products and manage bookings from the Vendor Dashboard.
Apart from directly accepting customer bookings, vendors can setup confirmation bookings which require their approval. Vendors can also reschedule customer bookings right from the Vendor Dashboard.
To support easier integration with 3rd party apps, 2 way Google Calendar Sync is supported for each vendor thereby allowing easy export and import of bookings.

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