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Offers for WooCommerce brings the power of negotiation to your WooCommerce store by adding an offer system similar to what you would find on eBay.

Potential buyers can submit an offer, and the seller can either Accept, Decline, or Counter the offer. Counter-offers can go back and forth until an agreed upon price is met, at which point the buyer can click a button to purchase the order at the agreed upon price.

Our WC Vendors extension adds support for WC Vendors to our Offers for WooCommerce ( Offers for WooCommerce )plugin, making it so that the individual Vendors in a site can manage their own offers.


  • Offer email notifications go directly to the vendor instead of the site administrator.
  • Vendors can manage offers from the WC Vendors Pro front-end dashboard.
  • A “Manage Offers” section was also added to the vendor admin panel in WordPress where each vendor can manage their own offers.


No changelog available.

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