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WC Vendors is an off the shelf marketplace solution. It’ll save you months of development and get you launched quickly. Why pay for a custom solution when you can get a solution tested by thousands of users every day?


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WC Vendors Pro gives your vendors to control their need to manage their stores quickly and efficiently. With the vendors in control, you are free to focus on your complete marketplace business. Reduce your workload, save you time and money. Continually updated, features are added all the time.

WC Vendors is the most scalable marketplace plugin for WordPress & WooCommerce. We built it so that as your success increases, you don’t have to worry about page slow-downs or database bloat. For a true marketplace with the maximum flexibility, WC Vendors Pro is for you.

The front end vendor dashboard provides all the required features for a vendor to completely manage their own products, orders, coupons and more. This leaves the marketplace admin to focus on marketing the marketplace and providing seller tools for your vendors.

Be sure to try out the WC Vendors Pro Demo to see all the latest of how Pro works.

  • Pro Dashboard making your vendors sales reports a piece of cake
  • Fully featured front-end product add/edit capabilities
  • Vendor Order management: Vendors can view and manage their orders including marking shipped, tracking systems, shipping labels and more.
  • Automated Taxes: WC Vendors pro comes with WC Vendors Tax. Our automated sales tax system to provide accurate tax rates for your vendors and customers.
  • Full Support for all product types, Simple, Grouped, Downloadable, even Variable products are all built into the front end dashboard
  • Pro Shipping Module: Two per-product shipping systems are available. Flat rate & country rate. View the full documentation here. Shipping zones are not supported at this time.
  • eBay style feedback system for Vendor Ratings
  • Shipment Tracking for Vendors to enter tracking numbers.
  • Multiple commission types such as percentage, percentage + fee, fixed fee, and even fixed fee + fee, sales tiers and more.
  • Vendor-Only coupons that vendors can create to make their own coupons for only their products, admins cannot create coupons for the marketplace at this time.
  • Vendor store branding: Including store banner and store icon.
  • Social module for adding Facebook/Twitter/google+ and many more
  • Complete template system to configure, tweak and style your store and dashboard any way you see fit.

WC Vendors Pro extends WC Vendors Marketplace to provide your vendors and yourself the marketplace admin with tools to create a truly powerful marketplace platform.

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With every plan, you have the ability to set limits on a range of options, including how many products a vendor can publish for that plan.

Create your own marketplace and allow vendors to sell products just like etsy, Envato, eBay, or Amazon! You can sell physical, digital or variable products on your marketplace.

WC Vendors Pro is the best way to create your multi-vendor marketplace and earn money from every sale. Give your vendors the control they need so you can focus on building your business.

All licenses are for a single domain and a single staging site only. We do not have multi-site licenses at this time.

The license is for one domain on one site. We do not offer multiple domain packages, or unlimited usage plans.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

We’re excited to have you experience WC Vendors. Over the next 14 days, if WC Vendors isn’t the best fit, simply reach out! We’ll happily refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.

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30 reviews for WC Vendors Pro

  1. Niv (verified owner)

    Been with WC vendors over a year now, their support is very helpful, great features and a solid product. I would 100% recommend this plugin to anyone who thinks of starting a marketplace (or any similar service).

  2. bcgearexchange

    Highly recommend for new marketplace websites! Their support is outstanding.

  3. fun99

    Very nice and clean plugin and best part is easy customisation. 🙂

  4. Malavika Gupta

    Have been using this plugin for a while now. Excellent support by Jamie and his team.

  5. sugarcactus (verified owner)

    Great experience so far. Excellent support from Jamie – very helpful and to the point. Thank you!

  6. Jean-Pierre POUILHE (verified owner)

    Awesome. Works wonderfully, everything is perfect.
    Friendly fast and efficient support.
    Thank you Mark for your help! 😉

  7. Cody Slingerland

    Great support! Jamie was fantastic. He helped us resolve our issue and even put together a script to help resolve the issue quickly! Thanks WC Vendors team!

  8. skoe (verified owner)

    Very good plugin with easy customization and a really fast and helpful support. Love it!

  9. Joel Kuchenski (verified owner)

    Great addition to WC Vendors Marketplace. Definitely worth purchasing and support is always very responsive and helpful.

  10. skypersia (verified owner)

    I put 4 stars because I haven’t tried everything so far. So I have to be honest with you and myself.

    First of all, LOVELY SUPPORT! Their support communication is very similar to Buddyboss! They’re kind. Hell, they even helped me with something that if I wanted to ask for a developper to do it for me, it would have cost me 100-300 dollars. You don’t just exchange words regarding your problem, they’re very open to talk about other subject while they’re helping you. FOR THEM YOU’RE NOT A NUMBER.

    Second of all,
    their product so far amazed me! It was pain in the ass to purchase a 200 dollars plugin, because you don’t know how it’s going to work, you don’t know how your business may works, BUT you need to invest, base on my experience it’s worth it. It has various options. If what you seek for is not included, they’ll listen to you. They’ll take care of it for the following plugin.

    I tried WCFM, Dokan and I ended up with WC vendor. Dokan’s price is high for what they provide, WCFM has a strong structure but limited options.
    At the end you never know, how your business may go, if it goes well and if you need more option, BELIEVE ME! YOUR BEST OPTION WOULD BE WC VENDOR.

    PS : Their founder is a true leader.

  11. jeyaruban ganeshalingam (verified owner)

    very good plugin,

  12. voyager (verified owner)

    The fantastic support from Jamie and the team makes this investment worth your while.

  13. Simon (verified owner)

    I like the plugin a lot and what you can do with it.
    But even more I like the very fast, helpful and friendly support team.
    You really should give it a try!

  14. Locate Australian (verified owner)

    WC Vendors Pro support staff have been FANTASTIC!! I have been so pleasantly surprised by the response times & valuable assistance. It’s wonderful that WC Vendors believes in providing exceptional customer service. Well done to WC Vendors & their support team, please keep up the great work :)!

  15. Alexandra McLarty

    I needed a Stripe Connect gateway that supported Direct Charges, and this was the only solution I could find that offered that.

    Wow, am I glad I went with this plugin! The support is downright incredible, the plugin itself is super stable, and the documentation is thorough and so helpful. I’ll be using this platform for future projects for sure!

  16. Sandy Burns (verified owner)

    I chose WC Vendors Pro because it had all the features I was looking for (and then some), and with Stripe Connect, I could use my preferred payment gateway. I had some issues getting it to work properly, and contacted support. It took a bit of time for them to figure out what was causing the problem and help me to resolve it, but they were very patient and helpful, and once the issue was resolved, my marketplace site worked perfectly. It’s a pricey plugin, but it’s well worth it, especially for the support you get if you have any questions or issues. Thanks to Jamie and his team for helping me out.

  17. Vaibhav Singh (verified owner)

    The Team at WCV are a bunch of fantastic people.

    After a daunting evaluation of multiple multi vendor plug-in, we zero’d in on WCV and for all the right reasons. Great functionality, very well coded and to top it all, a very responsive support team.

    Kudos to you guys and all the best.

  18. Trevor Lovell (verified owner)

    If you’re trying to decide which Multi-vendor plug-in to use, look no further. This is a must have! Hands down the best multi-vendor plugin you can find! Love the everything about this one. I just can’t say enough about this plugin. Packed full of incredible features, all while being easy to set-up and use. Such a powerful, well-built, clean plug-in. Oh, and did I mention that their support team is ridiculously amazing? If there’s ever anything you need – even if you just have questions – these ladies and gentlemen get back to you fast with the answers you need. They go above and beyond every time. Your vendors will love it too! Amazing plugin, amazing support. Thank you WC Vendors for everything. 5 stars and 2 thumbs up!!

  19. Anna Johnson (verified owner)

    WC Vendors has everything you need in a marketplace plugin. It’s easy to install, configure and use, and if you encounter any problems the customer support is second to none. Jamie was super responsive and helpful, and patiently worked with me resolve my issue (which had to do with ANOTHER plugin). Big fan of WC Vendors here!

  20. Weihsuan Szu (verified owner)

    I tried the demo before subscribing. It helped a lot with the decision to choose WCVendors, besides many recommendations received from developers that I spoke with. The Pro Bundle is of great value. The team at WCVendors was extremely helpful. I made a mistake with my subscription. They went the extra mile to fix the issue for me. Their response was timely so that I could continue with the development without any delay. The founder and team were really supportive of startups. Really appreciate their support and the product!

  21. Robert Moos (verified owner)

    Simple and easy to use plugin with a lot of features and one of the best support teams!

  22. Victoria lawlee (verified owner)

    WC Vendors Plugin is fantastic but their customer support is even better! Special thanks to Mark for answering many many questions. Top plugin.

  23. Junto LLC (verified owner)

    I was reviewing marketplace plugin options and went pretty deeply into comparisons. Ultimately, I prioritized reliability and support since, at scale, a marketplace would need to function very well (especially when dealing with financial transactions). Additionally, if there were an issue, it would be important to know that a helpful team is available, is a reasonable amount of time, to help with any issues.

    The plugin is very stable and reliable. The support team has been excellent when I have had questions about how to do something. The plugin comes with an unadvertized benefit, confidence. One can rely on the team and the technology behind the plugin, which sets it far apart of from other marketplace options.

    Definitely recommend trying this one out if you are exploring which to choose for your marketplace solution.

  24. David Hossy (verified owner)

    Have been getting to know this plug in for about 2 weeks now. Very useful and well thought out and does exactly what I need.
    Support (Jaime and Mark) are excellent and respond quickly and go the extra mile helping with small tweaks.
    Amazing service and plugin does exactly what it says it will.

  25. Demi Akintola (verified owner)

    Excellent Customer Support! Can’t say much more than that as this plugin is yet to be officially launched on our website. However it has all the features we need and with the support you get, the sky is literally the limit.

  26. Kevin Luther

    I have been using WC Vendors since 2017 and it has been a critical part of our website. The developer has consistently added new features and listened to feedback to ensure they are keeping up with other plugins. I highly recommend the Pro version to unlock additional features and get even better tech support.

  27. Victoria lawlee (verified owner)

    If your looking for a great product and phenomenal support, you have found it. Great plug-in and the support has been outstanding! I highly recommend!

  28. Charlie Evans (verified owner)

    Great product, fast friendly customer support. Would recommend!

  29. Daniel Conacher (verified owner)

    I have been using WCVendor products, Pro and Stripe Connect, and have received nothing but quick, polite, and helpful support. It has been a great experience and would highly recommend these products to anyone.

  30. the3iron (verified owner)

    Fantastic service and great and simple product

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Changelog for WC Vendors Pro

Version - 26th June 2023

* Fixed: PHP Fatal Error when applying as a vendor via the vendor application form (#1772)
* Fixed: Application Form always show (#1769)
* Fixed: Blank order status and customer values on the order editor (backend) (#1773)

Version - 21st June 2023

* Fixed: Registration redirect (#1766)
* Fixed: Assign coupon author (#1765)
* Added: Initialize Cypress automation (#1763)

Version 1.8.7 - 9th June 2023

* Added: Commit built JS and CSS files and remove images from build process (#1748)
* Added: Convert widget to Gutenberg blocks (#1735)
* Added: Marks plugin HPOS Incompatible (#1743)
* Added: Pagination for Orders table in Pro Dashboard (#1749)
* Added: Re-sync tool for ratings (#1753)
* Added: SEO Compatibility (#1758)
* Added: Shipment Tracking fields within the Admin's dashboard (#1752)
* Fixed: Gross report is showing marketplace’s entire revenue instead of just the vendor’s revenue (#1744)
* Fixed: PHP 8.1 warning (#1741)
* Fixed: Partial Refunded Orders Recalculation not occurring (#1747)
* Fixed: Incorrect naming on opening hours hook (#1740)
* Removed: Circle CI (#1731)
* Updated: Github templates (#1730)
* Updated: PHPCS rules for WC Vendors Pro (#1728)
* Updated: Upgrade dev dependencies to be compatible with node 18 (#1746)

Version 1.8.6 - 31st March 2023

* Fixed: Taxes display incorrect on the order details (#1725)
* Fixed: Author drop down title overridden on post's page.
* Fixed: Before Coupon Action not deducting from vendors' commission (#1721)
* Fixed: Elementor global styles not working with ratings page (#1720)
* Fixed: Marketplace Coupons not working (#1700)
* Fixed: Bulk editing products from WordPress dashboard changes the assigned vendors #1703
* Fixed: All coupon authors being assigned to admin
* Fixed: Global commission bug (#1714)
* Fixed: Vendors dropdown conflict with marketplace (#1712)
* Added: New actions to store headers for hooking into various sections.
* Added: Coupons author checking tool
* Updated: Sentence case for tools screen.

Version 1.8.5 - 16th September 2022

* Added: Mark received button on order list mark the order received for all vendors
* Added: Creating Coupons for specific Vendors as Admin #1692
* Fixed: Everywhere Else option was removed from shipping (#1689)
* Fixed: Disk usage and file count are not being updated when files of the user are deleted or added
* Fixed: Unable to create virtual products when dimensions are required
* Fixed: Product form field wrong place
* Fixed: The email reminder scheduling does not work
* Fixed: Order Notification for the vendor does not include the coupon discount

Templates Updated

Version 1.8.4 - 22nd July 2022

* Added: Automatically complete shipped orders (#1664)
* Added: Option to mark all items shipped if the order is marked completed (#1665)
* Added: Dutch translations thanks Eric! (#1678)
* Added: Avatar sources for new vendors list (#1668)
* Added: Gross report in dashboard
* Added: Options to disable product reports feature
* Added: PayPal Payouts web fields
* Updated: Product reports (#1676)
* Fixed: Add Product Button still working while Submit Products option is disabled(#1675)
* Fixed: Category commissions not working correctly on sub categories. (#1657)
* Fixed: WooCommerce shipping check incorrect #1633 (#1634)
* Fixed: Shipping given to vendor of second item on the cart if shipping is being given to the vendor of the first item

Templates Updated:

Version 1.8.3 - 1st June 2022

* Added: Additional before actions for products, coupons and settings. #1622
* Added: Report Product feature (#1077)
* Added: Add SEO and Advanced option at the Basic section in the Product Form setting (#1600)
* Fixed: Recalculate Commissions fires on admin products (#1601)
* Fixed: In featured image upload, attachment details are not accessible #1420
* Fixed: Incorrect text-domain #1650
* Fixed: Unable to add tracking number for the PostNL Shipping Provider #1646
* Fixed: Warning on the vendor store page #1641
* Fixed: Shipping fee is given to vendors not canceled upon manual refund #1645

Version 1.8.2 - 7th March 2022

* Added: Remove shipping rows from commissions on reports table when shipping is disabled. #1612 (#1616)
* Updated: Added extra validation checks in object controllers (#1623)
* Update: Remove show/hide reversed orders option (#1618)
* Fixed: shipping_level notice on cart page (#1625)
* Fixed: Vendors cannot add external downloadable links #1627 (#1628)
* Fixed: Cannot give Product level shipping to vendors #1626 (#1629)
* Fixed: Deprecated Warning on commissions table (#1620)
* Fixed: Shipping level notice (#1615)

Version 1.8.1 - 17th January 2022

* Added: Ability to show refund details in Orders Table (#1613)
* Added: Required options for the Shipping Fields #1591 (#1606)
* Fixed: Edit user product shipping region/country issue (#1605)
* Fixed: PHP warning on edit screen
* Updated: Change how the "State/County" field is displayed on the store header #1505 (#1592)

Version 1.8.0 - 30th November 2021

* Added: Allow regions in shipping (#1575)
* Added: Filter hooks to change columns and rows on the Pro Dashboard tables #1588 (#1589)
* Added: Weight, Dimensions and Shipping class from add-edit product form to fields that can be hidden #1582 (#1583)
* Added: Product import export for vendors (#1546)
* Added: Actions to templates for easily hooking into the main dashboard templates (#1580)
* Added: An option for "Mark Received" enable/disable in settings #1518 (#1569)
* Added: Filter to allow mark received to be used for digital products. #1455 (#1572)
* Added: Everywhere else option in country rate shipping table. (#1559)
* Added: Advanced tab on product edit #1460 (#1549)
* Added: Flat rate shipping system for min/max/free shipping charges to apply correctly to national & International rates. (#1578)
* Updated: Changed WooCommerce action for single product header. (#1574)
* Updated: Enable weight and dimensions while shipping disabled. #1440 (#1567)
* Updated: Disable Fixed Cart discounts for global coupons #1108 (#1537)
* Fixed: Hide Everywhere Else option when ship to specific countries only (#1590)
* Fixed: PHP Warning related to flat rate updates (#1598)
* Fixed: Variable product stock value saving as float (#1596)
* Fixed: Star ratings function sometimes does not work #1581 (#1584)
* Fixed: Mark received should also update shipped for the order. #1566 (#1568)
* Fixed: Partial Refund does not reverse commission #1107 (#1547)
* Fixed: Free Shipping Order/Product Field does not work #1551 (#1563)
* Fixed: Shipping provider dropdown width
* Fixed: Change date picker date format. (#1565)
* Fixed: Lock vendor from add or editing products should deny access to the urls directly #1419 (#1560)
* Fixed: Country Table Rate Shipping not display when value is 0 #1584 (#1562)

* Templates updated

Version 1.7.10 - 4th August 2021

* Added: Allow Vendors to add Google Analytics Tracking Code #1523 (#1534)
* Added: Ability to add custom page to the dashboard (#1517)
* Added: Filter for order status on delivery mark order received check
* Added: Tax fields to Simple and Download product edit templates #1499
* Added: New filter wcvendors_hide_reversed_orders to show reversed orders on order table #1539 (#1540)
* Updated: Require WC Vendors Marketplace v2.3.0 and above (#1553)
* Updated: Add link in the order number redirecting to /pro-dashboard/orders page #1222
* Updated: Add filter on get_orders2 method
* Updated: PHP8 method access for license client
* Updated: Page body class is not loading for 404 pages #1501
* Updated: DHL US tracking link
* Updated: Re-added theme support option to settings
* Updated: WC Vendors Marketplace action and filter calls to new standard #1521 (#1532)
* Updated: Added support for custom taxonomies to checklist walker
* Fixed: Datepicker system
* Fixed: Date Picker Translation - Strings for the desktop does not translate #1492
* Fixed: Super Admin be redirect to the My Account page #1556 (#1557)
* Fixed: Free Shipping is not triggered when charge once per product is enabled #1508
* Fixed: Sales by Vendor Commission settings "Add Row" Not Working When Language is Not English #1509 (#1536)
* Fixed: Add a filter to the SQL default sort newest first #1468 (#1529)
* Fixed: Capabilities check on wcv_terms_checklist() form helper method
* Fixed: The SEO meta title is outputting twice #1524 (#1525)
* Fixed: The response is not a valid JSON response when add or update Ratings page #1522 (#1526)
* Fixed: Missing icons in SVG
* Fixed: WC Vendor ratings displaying an unusual link (#1504)
* Fixed: Add Work hours button not visible in Opening Hours Section #1511
* Fixed: Location Picker support for different address formats #1506 (#1535)

* Templates updated

Version 1.7.9 - 6th April 2021

* Added: filter for current page in dashboard check
* Added: Extra check for body classes
* Added: Option to not use vendor shipping rates on product shipping settings (#1496)
* Updated: Make order total breakdown easier to read #1387
* Updated: Latest packages
* Updated: Update Shipment tracking providers #1476 (#1482)
* Updated: SVG icon file to reduce file size (#1490)
* Updated: UI Fixes (#1489)
* Fixed: Commission calculation for Percentage + fee + coupon action after #1445 (#1478)
* Fixed: Vendor shipped email not firing correctly
* Fixed: Product field strings not translatable (#1494)
* Fixed: Google maps resetting address on page load #1472 (#1493)
* Fixed: Policies not being updated from user edit screen in wp-admin #1487 (#1491)
* Fixed: Download hashes not generating correctly (#1486)
* Fixed: Date picker reverts to current date. List of orders still generated correctly. #1470 (#1479)
* Fixed: Commission Percentage + Fee deducts the fee once when product quantity is more than 1 #1474 (#1480)
* Fixed: Line breaks are ignored on the message sent through the WC Vendors Pro - Contact Store widget. #1467 (#1477)
* Fixed: Linked Products - Up-sells value can't be deleted (#1473)

* Templates updated

Version 1.7.8 - 23rd February 2021

* Added: Add link in the order number in vendor email notification to the pro dashboard
* Added: Add filter to policies tab and fix casing
* Updated: PHP8 compatibility (#1465)
* Updated: Removed admin notice in vendor dashboard for shipping fields. (#1446)
* Updated: Commissions with 100% coupon (#1430)
* Updated: Adjusted order controller references order numbers for sequential order plugins (#1423)
* Updated: Properly initialize date picker on date shipped field (#1427)
* Fixed: WC Vendors Pro return incorrect coupon when a discount from WooRewards is applied #1461 (#1464)
* Fixed: Flat rate shipping fields missing on the product edit screen in WP Admin. #1456 (#1462)
* Fixed: When vendor rating's settings start all vendor at 5 star rating is active, it does not display the stars in the header #1390
* Fixed: Deleted products causing error on ratings list (#1453)
* Fixed: Typo on the default error message on enabling the vacation mode - "currently" is displayed as "currency" #1441 (#1447)
* Fixed: Do not validate downloads on non downloadable products (#1442)
* Fixed: Date filter displaying incorrect years #1443 (#1444)
* Fixed: Coupons does not work on vendor products if the coupon has a usage limit of "minimum amount spent" #1432 (#1438)
* Fixed: Flat rate product level shipping disables wrong fields #1414 (#1439)
* Fixed: WC Vendors Pro Recent Product Widget displaying pending products #1421 (#1431)
* Fixed: Review count on single product page

* Templates updated

Version 1.7.7 - 4th November 2020

* Added: An option to turn off HTML editor for the Settings >> Store notice #1347 (#1399)
* Updated: Adjusted how media is counted to fix comment box showing on dashboard page #1401
* Updated: Disabling WooCommerce shipping should disable shipping in all areas of pro #1161 (#1394)
* Updated: Hide an order on the vendor dashboard if the commission is $0.00 #1256 (#1369)
* Updated: Pro Vendor list containers issue - The store description and icon does not respond accordingly in mobile/smaller views #1352 (#1370)
* Updated: Orders Action's Tracking number feature - No validation for the Tracking number field #1351 (#1373)
* Updated: Tested to WC & WP Version
* Updated: Removed old shipping fields from registration form (#1412)
* Updated: Refactor coupon form (#1410)
* Fixed: Coupon minimum and maximum applying to whole order #1392 (#1411)
* Fixed: Deleted products showing incorrect product title (#1408)
* Fixed: Product handling fees not applying correctly #1366
* Fixed: Form still submits with required attribute still empty #1395
* Fixed: Vendor list pro shortcode - order by parameter gets ignored in the search results if user were to use the WC Vendors Pro Vendor search widget #1251 (#1400)
* Fixed: WC Vendor Pro causing WooCommerce Bookings to invalidate all costs fields #1380
* Fixed: Single product shipping panel information (#1397)
* Fixed: Store banner defaults to random image instead of using the one set by the admin #1384 (#1385)
* Fixed: Orders action's tracking number feature - Some tracking companies listed in our tracking feature does not provide the tracking link #1350 (#1375)
* Fixed: Hide Attribute #1296 (#1379)
* Fixed: Plugin loading issue (#1389)

* Templates updated

Version 1.7.6 - 29th September 2020

* Added: Add WC Vendors Menu items to Appearance > Menu #1262
* Added: Hide variations if attributes hidden #929
* Added: WC Vendors Pro Contact Store - add an option to mark fields as required #1279
* Added: Add Theme Support for GeneratePress #1271
* Added: Body CSS classes to all WC Vendors pages #1265
* Updated: Update shipping panel to only output when their are shipping values for each section #1238
* Updated: Set a default for the shipping system if the settings are not saved #1332
* Updated: Product level shipping max/free needs to be moved into national/international #1316
* Updated: WC Vendors Star rating - Hover effect/animation #1319
* Updated: WC Vendors Shipment Tracking - enable to just put the tracking number in the note below the URL. #1326
* Updated: PHP Deprecated Unparenthesized in Form Helper #1336
* Updated: Replace datetimepicker with another library #1191
* Updated: Allow the product full prices to be shown on the order table #1225
* Updated: The date format in the "recent products" widget and the order filter input not WordPress standard #1270
* Updated: How our field names are displayed from a professional perspective. #1288
* Updated: Remove the mark received notification trigger once a vendor has marked the order as shipped #1274
* Fixed: Translated strings not showing up correctly on the frontend #1266
* Fixed: CSV Export - User details not fetched when product type is Virtual Product #1210
* Fixed: Vendor file count limit - affecting administrator area #1264
* Fixed: No error message when attributes tab is set as required when combined as required with other fields #1349
* Fixed: Product form option - stock status as required causing the product changes not to be saved #1358
* Fixed: Pro - Orders dashboard uses the universal time instead of the local time #1359

* Templates updated

Version 1.7.5 - 11th August 2020

* Added: Save product redirect to redirect to the specific page where the saved product is displayed #1073
* Added: Commission in dashboard product overview #1086
* Added: Theme support for Astra #1257 (#1287)
* Added: Clean up ratings table when product deleted #962
* Added: Postcode to display in the shipping section on the single product page (#1280)
* Added: New wcv_vendor shortcode (#1259)
* Added: Spans and filter around product status column data (#1254)
* Added: Setting to disable pro registration system #1317
* Updated: Social media settings form cannot be filtered #1309
* Updated: All get_option commands should have defaults #1190
* Updated: Option to restrict vendor roles from wp-admin instead of only allow administrator
* Fixed: Terms and conditions setting not working (#1338)
* Fixed: Error on shipping label using incorrect order date method (#1333)
* Fixed: Widget notice label missing
* Fixed: Adding HTML iframe code on the vendor add product form would not save #1255 (#1305)
* Fixed: Linked Products tab is still visible on the Pro dashboard even though the Upsells / Cross sells fields are hidden #1233
* Fixed: Vendor order status "received" for the specific vendor not marked #1269
* Fixed: Export order columns bug #1272
* Fixed: Coupon action after commission issue with 2 or more qty of product #1141
* Fixed: Shipping options in form settings not applying in frontend #1282
* Fixed: Vendor Shipping values not saving at vendor level #1278
* Fixed: User edit screen not using wp_editor for HTML enabled fields #1089 (#1289)
* Fixed: Telegram option is invisible in the backend, making the option to be … (#1281)
* Fixed: Make the flat rate options match for national and international
* Fixed: Order ID output incorrect when using sequential order number plugins
* Fixed: Span not closed in product status column
* Fixed: Commission calculations on variable products with 100% coupon incorrect (#1323)
* Fixed: Vendor search pagination layout error. #1268

* Templates Updated

Version 1.7.4 - 8th April 2020

* Added: Tags limit for products #1050 (#1244)
* Added: CSS IDs to dashboard menu (#1232)
* Added: Option to use billing address if shipping address is empty. (#1218)
* Updated: Tested to WooCommerce 4.0.1 and WordPress 5.4
* Updated: Moved actions to fix loading issues
* Updated: Added extra check in dashboard asset loading
* Updated: Allow empty vacation message, use default vacation message. (#1243)
* Updated: Add address columns to vendor order export. (#1240)
* Updated: Remove redundant shipping fields #1234
* Fixed: Opening hour saving issue #946 (#1245)
* Fixed: Vendor's list actions outputting incorrectly. (#1250)
* Fixed: Delete icon on product gallery images missing when editing product (#1242)
* Fixed: Some strings are not translatable #1146 (#1241)
* Fixed: Move function out of filter. (#1249)
* Fixed: Error message that overlaps with label in media uploader (#1239)
* Fixed: Performance issue on main vendor dashboard #1229 (#1230)
* Fixed: vendor search query (#1236)
* Fixed: meta_query meta key search values
* Fixed: PHP warning on setup wizard
* Fixed: Display store url used in Facebook opengraph (#1219)
* Fixed: Product shipipng tab notices
* Fixed: Product attribute terms custom ordering (#1216)

Version 1.7.3 - 6th February 2020

* Added: Confirmation when mark order shipped (#1188)
* Added: target css classes for product and coupon tables (#1203)
* Added: Reset default store banner #1111 (#1189)
* Updated: Removed unused code that was moved to marketplace
* Updated: Check Sold Individually by default if required. (#1187)
* Update: Deprecate show_products and replace with has_products in vendor list shortcode (#1184)
* Updated: Updated actions in settings and signup forms (#1169)
* Fixed: Fixed Commission not using quantity #1211 (#1212)
* Fixed: Performance issue on large stores #1147 (#1208)
* Fixed: Default value on get_option for category
* Fixed: Namespace mobile CSS classes. #1201
* Fixed: Google Maps US addresses not formatted correctly. #1198
* Fixed: New shipping settings does not display on the shipping tab. #1193
* Fixed: Undefined index on product page for 3rd party integrations (#1205)
* Fixed: Recalculate order status issue (#1196)
* Fixed: Save commission type in wizard. (#1197)
* Fixed: Free shipping setting on the store, product and vendor level would not be applied (#1199)
* Fixed: Description for company blog / url
* Fixed: Missing default value for get_option
* Fixed: Undefined index errors on shipping tabs
* Fixed: Store Categories Widget generating wrong URL from single product page #1179 (#1183)
* Fixed: Link to correct doc article (#1185)
* Fixed: Order Note capabilities. (#1182)
* Fixed: Product Min type error on Products list dashboard page. #1180 (#1181)
* Fixed: Duplicated behavior filter #1175 (#1176)
* Fixed: Disabling Delete product capability doesn't disable single product tools #1172 (#1173)

Version 1.7.2 - 12th December 2019

* Added: Filter wcv_ratings_my_account_my_orders_actions
* Fixed: Store icon and Store banner can't be removed from the Vendor Pro dashboard #1157 (#1158)

Version 1.7.1 - 6th December 2019

* Fixed: Infinite loop caused by #1124

Version 1.7.0 - 6th December 2019

* Added: Allow customers to mark order received #895
* Added: Max shipping for international and national #561
* Added: Add Telegram to social media #1113 (#1119)
* Added: Support for Variation swatches for WooCommerce #1126
* Added: wcv_vendor_total_ratings shortcode
* Added: New option to change loading priority for the single product header
* Added: Filter arguments for shipping from
* Update: pass shipping costs through wcvendors_shipping_due #1124
* Updated: Enhance the shipping label and packaging list #907 (#1120)
* Updated: removed debug code
* Updated: Settings wording to make it clearer
* Updated: Adjusted quick links styles
* Updated: Added extra checks for dashboard styles and scripts
* Updated: Moved import/export into free
* Fixed: Re-calculate commission creates duplicate commissions #1109
* Fixed: Recalculate commissions for incorrect order status's #1110
* Fixed: Required Settings and Signup fields not set #1122 (#1131)
* Fixed: Dashboard performance issues on large stores (#1134)
* Fixed: Shipping taxes incorrect if using comma for separator. #1058 (#1112)
* Fixed: Checkout extremely slow when vendors have lots of products #1125 (#1129)
* Fixed: Double header issue when single headers are enabled
* Fixed: Disable edits on per product basis #981
* Fixed: Disable free headers when pro is active
* Fixed: Placeholder translation strings for sale dates
* Fixed: Shipping tab missing on product pages (#1105)
* Fixed: Missing checks for variables

Version 1.6.5 - 11th September 2019

* Added: Responsive vendor dashboard
* Added: Short description and tags to product download template
* Added: Filter for product redirect url
* Updated: Make Variations inherit form settings #928
* Updated: Remove Google+ from social media list #1092 (#1100)
* Updated: Use localization function for labels (#1081)
* Updated: Adjusted drop down to use Vendor display name instead of username
* Fixed: Recalculate commission is using incorrect product price #1075
* Fixed: Vendor policies formatting issues on single product tabs #1097
* Fixed: Deprecated jQuery calls in javascript files #1096 (#1099)
* Fixed: Bug in Vendor Dashboard on mobile for shipping tab #1094 (#1095)
* Fixed: Pro dashboard rewrites fail if sub page of free dashboard #1014 (#1083)
* Fixed: Orders not showing in Orders tab when shipping disabled #1088
* Fixed: 'Free' Shop Header causing 'Shop Single Product Header' option not to work
* Fixed: Coupon after action product price incorrect
* Fixed: Link to settings page in vacation notice incorrect #1080
* Fixed: Commission tiers lookup method
* Fixed: Incorrect notice displayed for disk usage exceeded
* Fixed: Recalculate commissions not using the order date

* Templates Updated

Version 1.6.4 - 12th June 2019

* Added: Product shipping helper method
* Added: Ability to use SCRIPT_DEBUG for debugging purposes
* Updated: Removed unused code
* Fixed: Tiered commissions not saving #1057
* Fixed: Coupon commission action calculation
* Fixed: Deprecated jQuery load calls in dashboard charts and forms
* Fixed: Store notice set for one vendor displays in all vendor's store #1063
* Fixed: Free shipping coupon commission calculation incorrect #1055
* Fixed: Recalculate commissions not working correctly for coupons or shipping #1051
* Fixed: New vendor products not shown on vendor dashboard in WC3.6.x and above #1067
* Fixed: Commission coupon product price incorrect #1066
* Fixed: SEO title on user edit screen incorrect #1065
* Fixed: Disk usage limit labels incorrect on Product > Form pages #1062
* Fixed: Single Product Tool - Incorrect template being used when editing #1061
* Fixed: Vendor order detail bugs #1059
* Fixed: Vendor Shipping doesn't work with group subscription #1052
* Fixed: Inherit default shipping and return policies #1042
* Fixed: Commission tab inside Product Data box style problem
* Fixed: Country rate table state drop down duplicates (#1047)
* Fixed: Coupon value incorrect for commission calculation #1045
* Fixed: Coupon is applying to all products during commission calculation #1044

* Templates Updated

Version 1.6.3 - 22 April 2019

* Added: Cross sells/upsell to simple and download forms #1015
* Added: Filter for the store address
* Added: Commission filter Thanks Chris!
* Updated: Added details about variables available in the template
* Updated: Policies UI updates #1013
* Update: Store header address #1007
* Updated: WC tested to 3.6.1
* Updated: Wording on widget
* Updated: More style fixes for the My Listing theme support
* Fixed: Vendor List shortcode style issues #1040
* Fixed: Category Select2 messages could not be translated
* Fixed: Signup form hide field issues #1032
* Fixed: Action names on template
* Fixed: Store Address required not working #1033
* Fixed: Recalculate commission method #1034
* Fixed: Product SEO tab not hidden #1010
* Fixed: Store Website / Blog URL not used on front end #1018 (#1028)
* Fixed: Store hours hidden on settings page still show #1017
* Fixed: Price validation fails if no thousands separator set #1012
* Fixed: Attributes tab not hidden #1009
* Fixed: Required attributes not working #1006
* Fixed: Disable add to cart for vacation message #1004
* Fixed: Get vendor id function (#1008)
* Fixed: Vendor order export not reading date ranges #1030
* Fixed: Theme support doesn't support child themes #1016
* Fixed: Approve/Deny emails not firing when pro is enabled
* Fixed: Added translation strings for opening hours table headers

* Templates Updated

Version 1.6.2 - 21st March 2019

* Added: Option for logout link on dashboard navigation
* Added: Product type to products table
* Added: Filter to adjust opening times options for store settings
* Added: Option to use vertical menu in vendor dashboard
* Updated: Store notice styles the same as vacation notice
* Updated: Tested to 3.5.7 of WooCommerce
* Updated: Recheck and update all select2 fields #992
* Updated: styles on mobile
* Updated: Adjusted layout widths on order table page
* Updated: Fixed search form width
* Updated: Version for templates being incorrect
* Fixed: Total sales numbers incorrect in store headers #979
* Fixed: Country in store address in store header #980
* Fixed: Vacation mode showing twice on single product page when header is enabled
* Fixed: Format all commission values to float before calculations
* Fixed: Social media icons widget #983
* Fixed: Product templates not loading custom templates in admin #996
* Fixed: Custom product template not applied to product #1001
* Fixed: Overriding default templates creates second edit button #1002
* Fixed: Error when descriptions set to required and wp_editor #971
* Fixed: Select2 issues on attributes tab #985
* Fixed: Tags aren't saving #989 (#991)
* Fixed: Category walker no longer working #978
* Fixed: Categories checklist validation scroll to #977 (#986)
* Fixed: Required category not highlighting red when validation fails #976 (#984)
* Fixed: Category not saving if single select used #975 (#982)
* Fixed: Dashboard styles not loading for storefront theme support

* Templates Updated

Version 1.6.1 - 11th March 2019

* Added: Add Privacy Policy to settings #712
* Added: Allow wp_editor on the product templates #926
* Added: Option to have view product open in new window #722
* Updated: Select2 to version 4 #690
* Updated: Added helper notice on user edit screen for comissions
* Updated: Rename Order notes on vendor screens #713
* Fixed: wcv_pro_dashboard shortcode throw an error on saving page #954
* Fixed: Undefined $user on product category screen #959
* Fixed: Notices on commission screen #963
* Fixed: Duplicate setting for ratings #958
* Fixed: Don't display vacation message if it is left blank
* Fixed: Error uploading media #960
* Fixed: Ratings not displaying on vendor dashboard if products deleted
* Fixed: Shipping weight field validation issue #945
* Fixed: Hide min shipping field problem #938
* Fixed: Category commissions on user edit screen #943
* Fixed: Opening hours display issue #941
* Fixed: Missing icons on modals (#940)
* Fixed: Stock values not loaded when editing variations
* Fixed: Seo categories incorrect variable

* Templates Updated

Version 1.6.0 - 20th February 2019

* Added: Commission tiers system
* Added: Product Category based commission #869
* Added: New modern store header design #930
* Added: New dashboard check method
* Added: New theme support system
* Added: Dashboard wrapper class filter
* Added: Ability to recalculate commissions on order screens #897
* Added: Option for vendors to be able to select their own shipping type #545
* Added: Actions to signup form
* Added: Sync ratings with WooCommerce feedback #902 - Thanks to Andrea Piccart
* Added: File and disk usage limits for vendors #899
* Added: Filter commission arguments #906
* Added: Add form option for store opening hours #884
* Added: "Leave Feedback" buttons on the my-account/downloads page #554
* Updated: Tested to WordPress 5.2.0-Alpha
* Fixed: Product SEO fields missing on new products
* Fixed: Search box styling
* Fixed: Variations not assigned to vendors using WooCommerce import tool
* Fixed: Show state name for shipping panels #924
* Fixed: Prevent blank page after save product.
* Fixed: Stock quantity is formatted as float #914
* Fixed: Variation fields alignment #909
* Fixed: Hide add product button only #912
* Fixed: recent products widget for vendor search
* Fixed: Non property on post object when vendor uses WooCommerce Search
* Fixed: undefined variable in template
* Fixed: Missed arguments #905
* Fixed: Undefined function ratings_link
* Fixed: Feedback Form If star rating is not selected, text is deleted after save #552
* Fixed: Form validation, wrong scroll position on error #893
* Fixed: Product SEO Tab not hiding correctly #896
* Fixed: Allow commas to be used in prices in the pro front-end forms #539

* Templates Updated:

* Templates Added:

Version 1.5.10 - 12th January 2019

* Added: Sort and delete icon for shipping table #883
* Fixed: Shipping Table is not responsive #883
* Fixed: Inventory required fields problems #882
* Fixed: Vacation Mode - Disable Cart option is not disabling the Add To Cart #878
* Fixed: Pro Dashboard Settings Tabs are not functioning #876

Version 1.5.9 - 5th January 2019

* Added: Vendor Store Notice #846
* Added: Store opening hours #754
* Added: Admin notify email trigger when users submit application form #859
* Added: Filter for order comments
* Added: Filter for dashboard rewrite rules
* Added: New hooks for coupons
* Added: Actions before and after shipping rates that can be hooked
* Updated: Reformat and apply WordPress Coding Standards #855
* Updated: Coupon "Allow Free Shipping" checkbox description #865
* Updated: Session management update #861
* Fixed: Allow Free Shipping checkbox (Coupons) does not stay selected #866
* Fixed: Dashboard > Orders date range Clear / Reset button is not functioning #864
* Fixed: Coupons not applying to all products correctly
* Fixed: Notify admin for vendor pending application
* Fixed: Google Maps layout issues on settings screen #862
* Fixed: Added file type support to file_uploader in form helper #843
* Fixed: Total Sales for products not functioning #845
* Fixed: If Categories are required and left empty, no "scroll to" occurs #796
* Fixed: Code output in headers, undefined variables and headers already sent warnings #847
* Fixed: Google Map rendering problem

* Templates Updated:

Version 1.5.8 - 6th December 2018

* Added: Showing number of sold items publicly #838
* Added: Allow media uploads in shop description and seller info
* Added: SEO on product level #829
* Added: Vacation Mode - Disable cart option #777
* Added: Ability to hook into variations save code to save other variable product types
* Added: Low stock threshold field to products
* Added: Stock QTY amount to pro dashboard > products list. #624
* Updated: Vendor Contact Widget Updates #755
* Updated: Stock status field behaviour
* Updated: WooCommerce version compatibility
* Fixed: Vendor not assigned during admin product import
* Fixed: Show minimum shipping with tax #840
* Fixed: WC Vendors Store Categories Widget doesn't work when Yoast plugin is activated #648
* Fixed: Errors output on coupon screen if vendor is not the owner.
* Fixed: Setup wizard menu item is not hidden #841
* Fixed: undefined variable and calling member on non object (#836)

* Templates Updated:

Version 1.5.7 - 22nd October 2018

* Added: Vendor support to Product Import/Export tool for admins #823
* Added: Shipping setting to include taxes during threshold calculations #819
* Added: Show Product Handling fee on Product page Shipping Tab #645
* Added: Actions before and after each settings tab
* Updated: Support for WordPress 5.0.0
* Updated: Support for WooCommerce 3.5.0
* Fixed: Undefined index on new installs on store header
* Fixed: Shipping fields missing from product edit #827
* Fixed: Inventory required fields are not functioning #826
* Fixed: Vendor settings page tabs not showing when clicked
* Fixed: Google maps integration errors #820
* Fixed: Coupon product restrictions not saving correctly. Thanks David R
* Fixed: Duplicate product error when delete disabled #821
* Fixed: Incorrect filter arguments thanks David
* Fixed: Percentage values not working correctly
* Fixed: Incorrect coupon form label
* Fixed: Set default options to ensure product edits forms render correctly on fresh installs
* Fixed: Shipping thresholds were only checking greater than the amounts set, not including the amounts set
* Fixed: Console error on products list page
* Fixed: Incorrect setting name causing product tab to not show on some installs

* Templates Updated:

Version 1.5.6 - 27th September 2018

* Added: Vendor search widget
* Added: Add maps chooser for address on store settings #711
* Added: Actions before and after fields for simple product edit form
* Fixed: Updates to Download file from vendor revokes download permissions for customer #792
* Fixed: Required field file downloads not functioning #811
* Fixed: Get user locale when loading translations
* Fixed: Required field tags is not functioning #797
* Fixed: Display correct shipping override price #793
* Fixed: File Display on Product form not working #799
* Fixed: Max Gallery Images - limitation does not work if ctrl is used #790
* Fixed: Tag Separator option is not functioning properly #807
* Fixed: Do not show the inventory tab if manage stock is disabled at the WooCommerce level
* Fixed: Incorrect update method name in updater scripts
* Fixed: Unable to filter tracking providers when only shipping to UK or US
* Fixed: Undefined property notice in ratings controller
* Fixed: Redirect loop when dashboard page isn't set thanks to Lance
* Fixed: Trying to get property 'post_name' of non-object from new install

* Templates Updated:

Version 1.5.5 - 10th August 2018

* Added: Store social media icons widget
* Added: Store ratings widget
* Added: Clear button to order filter $566
* Added: Add color filter for pie chat colors (#764)
* Updated: Filter shipping trackers based on allowed countries #646
* Updated: Page titles to increase usability
* Updated: Fix filter variations action dropdown (#766)
* Updated: Replace all references to 'Vendor' #730
* Fixed: Shipping tax calculations are not applying to min/max limits #776 (#784)
* Fixed: Non-numeric value error with PHP 7.1 and above
* Fixed: Variations not showing attributes/variables in product form #767 (#785)
* Fixed: SEO Facebook image option still shows even if it is hidden #780 (#783)
* Fixed: Added check if variations not defined on product save return from method
* Fixed: Shop Coupon showing incorrect vendor column information #774
* Fixed: Order Note - vendors cannot view previous order notes #770
* Fixed: Shop Description widget doesn't render HTML #769
* Fixed: Font Awesome problems store header #761
* Fixed: Coupon required fields #635
* Fixed: Handling fee fields Admin and Vendor Dashboard are not accepting percentages (%) #763
* Fixed: Vendor Application will not submit with required fields #752
* Fixed: Missing after product media action
* Fixed: Create Variations from all attributes fails #756
* Fixed: Unable to use decimals in shipping fields on store settings page

* Templates Updated:

Version 1.5.4 - 4th July 2018

* Added: Vendor store short description widget
* Added: Vendor contact form widget
* Added: Vendor store address and map widget
* Added: Option for coupons to redirect after save/edit #634
* Added: Custom google maps field
* Added: Strip tags from custom fields unless options allow tags #738
* Added: Override Become a Vendor to redirect to Pro dashboard on click
* Added: Support Multiple dashboard pages #475
* Fixed: Update email trigger in save pending vendors (#750)
* Fixed: Two edits in edit url (#749)
* Fixed: Download limit and expiry issue #729
* Fixed: Custom Attributes created by Admin & added to Variation do not transfer to Vendor form #724
* Fixed: International flat rate shipping setting can't use decimals #746
* Fixed: Limit the table rate country drop down to the woocommerce ship to option #675
* Fixed: Simple form won't submit if attributes required on product form #734
* Fixed: Updated settings filtering with built in function
* Fixed: Allow vendors to add attribute terms #735
* Fixed: Product form wasn't submitting
* Fixed: Tracking number date picker not functioning
* Fixed: Dashboard page id references
* Fixed: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in wc-vendors-pro/public/class-wcvendors-pro-dashboard.php on line 545 #732

Version 1.5.3 - 11th June 2018

* Added: Update fix for add product blank page
* Fixed: Hiding bank fields creates undefined index warnings on save for vendor settings #726
* Fixed: Undefined index on permalinks page when using custom pages
* Fixed: Required fields on signup page are not functioning #721
* Fixed: removed setting for option that doesn't exist
* Fixed: Allow wp editor in store description and seller info
* Fixed: Vendor Specific commission not working #714
* Fixed: Disable free vendor commission input when pro is enabled
* Fixed: Allow markup in form fields
* Fixed: Attributes tab still shows when disabled #718
* Fixed: Update notice stuck #717
* Fixed: Wording on updating message
* Fixed: Translation strings
* Fixed: Dashboard nav shortcode style issues #720
* Fixed: Page save error on setup wizard

Version 1.5.2 - 28th May 2018

* Added: Extended shipping details to single product prage #592
* Added: Setup Wizard
* Added: New admin notices system
* Updated: New plugin installer
* Updated: WooCommerce tested version
* Fixed: Product handling fee validation problem
* Fixed: SKU display on product form
* Fixed: Download Expiry and limit saving incorrectly #710
* Fixed: Specify category ID needed for Hide Categories product form option #709
* Fixed: Free store headers showing #708
* Fixed: Update notice
* Fixed: Commission option reference
* Fixed: Vendor Ratings link shortcode
* Fixed: Default settings
* Fixed: Incorrect settings check
* Fixed: Incorrect link to settings page on woo commerce status #707
* Fixed: Product type selector issues #706
* Fixed: Error with blank product page when selecting Add Product #705
* Fixed: Vendor Tools not displaying on single product page #704
* Fixed: Unable to add attributes in product form #702
* Fixed: Product type selector triggers JS error #703
* Fixed: Unable to submit form for terms and conditions conditional
* Fixed: All vendors must be manually approved

* Templates Updated:

Version 1.5.1 - 21st May 2018

* Added: Filter to completely disable the product_type in the product edit form
* Added: View store in new window #699
* Added: Option to change which customer address to display on the orders table
* Updated: Removed deprecated function completely
* Fixed: Global disable national/international not working #692
* Fixed: Order Details not filtering #694
* Fixed: Sold by not showing on front end
* Fixed: Duplicate option missing from pro dashboard > products page #695
* Fixed: Hide Vacation Mode doesn't function #700
* Fixed: Disable Vendor shipping not working #698
* Fixed: Manually approve registration #697
* Fixed: Parsley javascript console error #688
* Fixed: Removed legacy form code that is causing console conflict
* Fixed: Sku "Hide" Cannot be deselected once it is selected #691
* Fixed: Hide product type options based on capabilities
* Fixed: Hide download files stops form submitting #693
* Fixed: Typo in license update code
* Fixed: Incorrect get_option call
* Fixed: Hiding customer details filters not working
* Fixed: Product type box default values not applying
* Fixed: Products html unable to be hooked correctly
* Fixed: issue with search form display
* Fixed: Cannot use decimal in number for commission fee #689

Version 1.5.0 - 14th May 2018

* Added: Store SEO, Facebook Share and Twitter Card
* Added: Vendor login redirect option
* Added: Completely disable a field by setting the filter to an empty array
* Added: Product as an argument to the action
* Added: disable required if hide checked in form settings pages
* Added: Bank Account details to store settings and signup
* Added: Target option to filter for custom dasbhoard pages to allow open in new window.
* Added: Upgrade migration code for new settings system
* Added: New settings system options and pages
* Added: Validation to coupon form
* Added: Meta key search to product search form #581
* Added: Options to restrict max/min image dimensions for product images #551
* Added: Save product redirect #555
* Added: Do not display disabled product form fields on the product table #547
* Added: Required product edit form options
* Added: Replaced form validation system with Parsley JS
* Added: filter for lock new products
* Added: Filter to use billing address in export #672
* Added: Filter for product currency
* Added: Filter to hook into row actions for orders.
* Added: Filter to change seller info title on store form.
* Added: Filter wcv_shipping_tracking_update_note to allow shipping tracking notifications to be changed
* Updated: Removed no longer supported download type
* Updated: Order controller code refectoring
* Updated: Changing Validation system to Parsley.js
* Fixed: Permalink updates issue
* Fixed: Class loading order for order table and reports tables
* Fixed: Shipping checks wrong #687
* Fixed: Shipping commission not added to downloadable products
* Fixed: Unable to add order note
* Fixed: Pro Shop Headers are not Displaying #686
* Fixed: Store branding not showing on vendor dashboard
* Fixed: Signup form address and missing actions.
* Fixed: further issues with check boxes
* Fixed: External urls saving #679
* Fixed: Variations sortable UI for new and existing products #678
* Fixed: variations hide fields code
* Fixed: date picker on tracking information
* Fixed: removed source maps
* Fixed: typo in settings form
* Fixed: Show hide commission fields in new settings screens
* Fixed: Required categories option name
* Fixed: Hide Categories setting doesn't work #684
* Fixed: Option used to determine whether Categories is required
* Fixed: WooCommerce 3.0 and above stores check boxes differently
* Fixed: Ratings page loading for new settings system
* Fixed: Only display license warning on plugins page or wc vendors related pages
* Fixed: Removed legacy code
* Fixed: PHP 7.1 compatibility
* Fixed: Coupon free shipping #649
* Fixed: User edit shipping #676
* Fixed: Add coupon button #677
* Fixed: Updated vendor shipped action for new email system
* Fixed: Version check WC Vendors and load appropriate menu slug
* Fixed: Store Description & Seller Info cannot be completely deleted using the front end forms #674
* Fixed: Depreciated icon call
* Fixed: Don't show reversed orders on order screen
* Fixed: Tags not displaying correctly in product edit form
* Fixed: wp_kses argument errors
* Fixed: Replace strip_slashes with wp_kses #633
* Fixed: Admin User Saves wipes out store shipping settings #671
* Fixed: Store Category Widget: returns all vendor products if drop-down is used #666
* Fixed: Product Title is not showing under ratings in vendor dashboard Ratings tab #662
* Fixed: Grouped Products are not working properly #647
* Fixed: Percentage coupon display
* Fixed: custom taxonomy not saving on creating initial product
* Fixed: Custom taxonomies unable to be reset to no terms #660
* Fixed: SKU no longer required #665
* Fixed: removed unnecessary file
* Fixed: User Profile screen showing default values #664
* Fixed: Added filter arguments to csv export to provide greater control over the data in order exports
* Fixed: Bug in csv export row data
* Fixed: custom taxonomies loading issue
* Fixed: Run action for settings saved on signup form

* Templates Updated:

Version 1.4.6 - 16th October 2017

* Added: New Canada providers thanks Derek.
* Added: Daily option to reports and orders date pickers
* Added: Action in commission controller
* Fixed: Check store name before submission #639
* Fixed: Admin Default Shipping Settings- Free over $x is being ignored #638
* Fixed: Product Search pagination broken #637
* Fixed: Coupon Expiry Displayed Incorrectly #636
* Fixed: Postcode ranges not working in shipping rates
* Fixed: QTY override not functioning correctly
* Fixed: WC Vendors Store Categories Widget displays all vendors' categories when "Show as dropdown" #612
* Fixed: Vendor store search breaking menus in all themes #631
* Fixed: Undefined index when using built in woocomemrce search
* Fixed: Wildcard postcodes not working in shipping #632
* Fixed: Export csv not working
* Fixed: Deleted Variation results in an error message on the Pro dashboard #627
* Fixed: Change fixed_product to Product Discount on Pro Dashboard > Coupons #628

* Templates Updated:

Version 1.4.5 - 1st September 2017

* Added: Prefix support to logging to make tracking logs easier
* Added: Allow admin to create coupons for a vendor store #605
* Added: Vacation Mode to User Edit screen #537
* Added: Unique Ids to submit buttons for different forms
* Added: New actions for before and after forms
* Added: Give each save button a unique ID.
* Added: Scroll erroring field into view when form validation fails thanks bporcelli.
* Fixed: If "Max shipping" threshold is reached, taxes are still collected for 0 shipping amount. #625
* Fixed: Admin User address fields : Illegal string warnings #621
* Fixed: Coupon Usage Restriction Check boxes are not functioning #620
* Fixed: Some Shipping fields are not displaying on the vendor sign up form #619
* Fixed: Product Form Gallery Showing All Site Images #618
* Fixed: Upsells, Cross Sells labels are not showing on Product add/edit form #622
* Fixed: Tag label is not showing in product add/edit form #617
* Fixed: Disabled debuggin in shipping gateway
* Fixed: Maximum shipping charged (per vendor) in admin is not working/applied #609
* Fixed: Incorrect product id reference
* Fixed: Only show store category widget on woocommerce pages
* Fixed: Store Category Widget now works in single product page
* Fixed: Translation is not applying to some strings #614
* Fixed: Free Shipping Product Level Override shows default rate on product page #610
* Fixed: QTY checkbox selection for Country Table Rate does not save #606
* Fixed: Removed license localhost disable due to hosting issues with managed hosts #601
* Fixed: If "Charge Once" is checked, Free Shipping settings ignored (multiple of the same product) #598
* Fixed: Shipping address illegal offset problem
* Fixed: FedEx tracking is not formatting correctly for emails #597
* Fixed: Admin options Product Form- Variations hide SKU results in variations not being saved #595
* Fixed: Submit Feedback form page order status is showing date/time of order #604
* Templates Updated:

Version 1.4.4 - 1st July 2017

* Added: More actions to product edit forms for extensions to hook into as requested
* Added: Store category widget
* Added: Support for text area in form generator
* Added: Product template meta box to wp-admin product edit screen
* Added: Template to filter arguments to allow filtering by template loaded
* Added: Actions before and after every form field #403
* Added: Vendor Store Search Widget #10
* Added: Sanitize value method to form builder
* Added: Show descriptions on check boxes for form generator
* Added: Ability to debug license issues
* Updated: Use new class logger
* Updated: Updated license client file library
* Fixed: Update output for details
* Fixed: Incorrect field definitions
* Fixed: Store Shipping Address in admin is not saving entries #594
* Fixed: Admin Store Settings: New 1.4 Shipping Options Not Hidden When Checked #589
* Fixed: Custom taxonomies in product controller saving incorrectly
* Fixed: Price tooltip number formatting
* Fixed: Tax totals showing incorrectly in order details
* Fixed: Free shipping product override for international flat rate not working
* Fixed: Max qty per product bug on international flat rate
* Fixed: Id references for new actions in form helper
* Fixed: QTY selection in Country Table Rate moves after Save #585
* Fixed: File reference in internal logging system
* Fixed: Index error on front and admin area
* Fixed: Show taxes on dashboard if give tax enabled thanks Daman
* Fixed: Order Details has Incorrect display of commission if Variable Product(s) in the order #583
* Fixed: Admin cannot change & update vendor phone number (Store Address) #579
* Fixed: Lock new products for vendor bugs
* Fixed: Double slash in custom product edit templates on product page
* Fixed: Form helper unix time validator
* Fixed: License localhost detection issue on some servers
* Fixed: Fatal error on wp-admin product page for shipping
* Fixed: Fatal Error on single product page #577
* Fixed: Pro Dashboard Add Product Quick Link Has Double // #575
* Fixed: Private Listing Selection is not functioning #574
* Fixed: Shipping Funds Allocated to the Admin Instead of the Vendor #571
* Fixed: Fatal error on wp-admin product page for ratings
* Fixed: Warnings on custom meta keys
* Fixed: Added extra checks for deleted orders and incorrect commission status
* Fixed: Stop showing label for hidden form fields
* Templates Updated:
* Templates Added:

Version 1.4.3 - 25th April 2017

* Fixed: Duplicate Product "save changes" button does not work for Variable Product #573
* Fixed: Coupon warnings on WooCommerce 3
* Fixed: Shipping Funds Allocated to the Admin Instead of the Vendor #571 (requires wc vendors free update also)
* Fixed: Older Variable Products Shipping is incorrect; Cart shows Admin as Vendor #567
* Fixed: Shipping info display on single product page
* Fixed: External products don't save #569
* Fixed: Non functioning required field code for shipping tab
* Fixed: Checkout Fatal Error #568

Version 1.4.2 - 19th April 2017

* Fixed: CSV upload date range is not applying. #544
* Fixed: Shipping Shows No Methods Available #564
* Fixed: Order Export: fatal error #565
* Fixed: Order Status Strings are not translatable
* Fixed: Modified vendor controller to allow views plugin to work
* Fixed: Incorrect version number constant
* Fixed: Orders & Coupons Page (Pro Dashboard) Blank if Vendor has Orders #563
* Fixed: Vendor Coupons are showing error; not functioning #560

Version 1.4.1 - 10th April 2017

* Fixed: Duplicate Product is not working #559
* Fixed: Add Product, Save Draft, Save Changed, Save Draft Buttons are not working #558

Version 1.4.0 - 3rd April 2017

* Added: Action to intercept tracking details entered by vendor #556
* Added: WooCommerce 3.0 compatible
* Added: Auto save of custom taxonomies on product forms
* Added: Template base_dir filter
* Added: Ability to parse arguments to custom templates
* Added: Custom page route capability for dashboard
* Added: Filter for vendor arguments #540
* Added: Check for variation before displaying on front end
* Added: Country Table Rate Defaults in wp-admin #364
* Added: Country rate overrides on wp-admin product page #474
* Added: Global country rate shipping options
* Added: Filter for button class on orders page
* Added: Postcode field to country rate shipping
* Added: Search to products table #413
* Added: Order level shipping commission splits
* Added: Can select multiple images for product gallery
* Added: Vendor shipping display now split at cart and checkout
* Added: Calculated shipping data now stored in packages
* Added: Actions to variations #376
* Added: Show / Hide Variations options #381
* Added: Lock Vendor from Editing or Creating New Product #383
* Added: Limit category selection for select and checklist via option #394
* Added: Support for instance settings to vendor shipping
* Added: Option for different default product edit forms
* Added: Multiple Product Add/Edit template support #285
* Added: Change shipping label in cart and checkout to 'free shipping' if method cost is $0
* Updated: Main class logger
* Fixed: Allow multiple image selection in product gallery #525
* Fixed: Javascript date format issue
* Fixed: Undefined variable class in order actions partial #542
* Fixed: Undefined variables in file downloads for variations
* Fixed: Hide flat rate options when country rate selected globally
* Fixed: Updated variations to use new download file code
* Fixed: Text capitalisation inconsistencies
* Fixed: Parse error with short tags turned off
* Fixed: References to deprecated function calls
* Fixed: Coupon 'apply to all products' including all future products
* Fixed: Free shipping coupons #424
* Fixed: Allow Shop Manager Role /wp-admin/ access #296
* Fixed: Free shipping over for order and product #474
* Fixed: Double edit in url on default template
* Fixed: Allow shipping classes #304
* Removed: Debug code from template #541
* Templates Updated:
* Templates Added:

Version 1.3.9 - 24th January 2017

* Added: Indicate if a product is out of stock on pro dashboard #500
* Added: Error message to store name #509
* Added: Action hook 'wcv_before_product_type' in product-edit form
* Added: New filters for product row labels categories and tags #502
* Updated: License notice for dev/staging sites #522
* Fixed: Fatal errors when activating pro if WC Vendors not found
* Fixed: Updated variations to use new download file code
* Fixed: Installer activation code not running #526
* Fixed: A Product's Featured "status" is removed after editing in Pro Dashboard #523
* Fixed: Downloadable files and attachment ID sync issues #518
* Fixed: Possible XSS from Vendors #527
* Fixed: Duplicate wp-admin menu item #513
* Fixed: Pinterest link is missing a double-quote #521
* Fixed: Tooltip with no tip #514
* Fixed: Attributes not selected for variations showing in variations #519
* Fixed: Filter Typo #520
* Fixed: Multi Select limited for tags: when this method is used, tags are not saved to the product #505
* Fixed: Product level override is not working if store default is set to: Int'l Disabled. #499
* Fixed: Add plugin page is full of errors and unusable. #508

Version 1.3.8 - 16th November 2016

* Added: wcv_dashboard_nav_class filter to add a css class to dashboard nav
* Added: Show order status to vendors and removed order actions on refunded or cancelled orders #490
* Added: New license and update system
* Added: Action Hook(s) for product-edit Media Uploader area #487
* Added: Admin css class names for shipping fields
* Added: Filter for button class on orders page
* Fixed: Puerto Rico does not show up on the front end #498
* Fixed: Missing double quote in store form #497
* Fixed: References to deprecated function calls
* Fixed: Refresh Page; Feedback / Rating is submitted again. #488
* Fixed: Coupon checkbox selection after edit/save #489
* Fixed: Typo in tracking providers #485
* Fixed: Address info still showing despite permissions selection #480
* Fixed: Undefined variable reference on new template store settings template
* Fixed: Commission fee product override not saving value #477
* Fixed: License url ending slash

Version 1.3.7 - 29th September 2016

* Added: Jquery datetimepicker ui to front end
* Added: Placeholders for the product description and short description
* Added: Filters to all file include paths for non template overrides by developers #400
* Updated: Replaced date picker with jquery-ui-datepicker fixing #466 #459
* Updated: Portuguese translations thanks Elsa!
* Fixed: Commission fee product override not saving value #477
* Fixed: Country rate shipping commission only giving 1 #472
* Fixed: Hide "export order to CSV" on dashboard/orders now obeys free capability #469
* Fixed: Can't edit draft if edit live product is disabled #463
* Fixed: Move shipping fields into template #456
* Fixed: Vendor terms incorrect link on application page #452
* Fixed: Incorrect text domain for some inputs
* Fixed: Use WordPress date format for date picker on dashboard
* Fixed: Report issue with reversed commissions.
* Fixed: Errors saving products with grouped products disabled on the form.
* Fixed: Remove font family from main style sheet
* Fixed: Method get_orders2 in class WCVendors_Pro_Vendor_Controller produces an invalid SQL
* Templates Updated:

Version 1.3.6 - 20th August 2016

* Added: Price breakdown on dashboard recent orders
* Added: Orders page options to disable table data and actions #359
* Added: Vendor tools on single product page #334
* Added: Multi Word Tags support via options #163
* Added: Tool to import commission overrides for vendors and products
* Added: GPL notice and support information
* Fixed: Dashboard reports incorrect price breakdown #450
* Fixed: Default for attribute capability not loading
* Fixed: Options defaults don't load on initial plugin install #448
* Fixed: Check if terms page is set when processing application on new installs
* Fixed: Save fields for pending vendors also
* Fixed: Shop header: phone number in wrong spot #449
* Fixed: Sass not compiling
* Fixed: Dashboard permalink flushed correctly on activation
* Fixed: Remove debug code from template #446
* Fixed: International shipping settings issues #445
* Fixed: Trusted Vendor, Verified, etc. selections in admin are not saving #444
* Fixed: Fall back to free commission overrides for products and vendors if not imported into pro yet #440
* Fixed: Activation error if post type doesn't exist.
* Fixed: Undefined value warning on dashboard
* Fixed: Shipping checkboxes not loading values in admin area
* Templates Updated:

Version 1.3.5 - 14th August 2016

* Fixed: Store defaults not applied if no product override #442
* Fixed: Shipping checkboxes not loading values in admin area
* Fixed: Missing translated strings
* Added: New dashboard page nav filters for overriding the navigation

Version 1.3.4 - 5th August 2016

* Added: wcv_delete_post action to allow hooking into deleted products
* Added: Duplicate product #427
* Added: Body css classes to set pro pages #420
* Added: Class main logger to Pro class
* Added: Order number to orders row filter
* Added: 100% Complete French translations thanks Nicolas !
* Added: Auto mark as shipped if tracking info added
* Added: Shop coupon table filters wcv_shop_coupon_table_rows, wcv_shop_coupon_table_columns
* Updated: License language to stop confusion with activation issues
* Fixed: Don't show orders that have been reversed in reports
* Fixed: Shipping calculation breaks in WC2.6 for some installs
* Fixed: Dashboard Recent Orders table product display #438
* Fixed: Default pages being set during plugin activation
* Fixed: Disabled national shipping bug
* Fixed: Sale price on variable products doesnt work #434
* Fixed: PHP Warnings Order Controller L371 #433
* Fixed: Country Table Rate QTY not calculating #430
* Fixed: 'Charge once per product' fields reset after product approval #429
* Fixed: Snapchat integration incomplete #423
* Fixed: Mark Shipped gives customers (2) emails #422
* Fixed: Sprintf error when feedback page accessed directly
* Fixed: shipping panel problems in the dashboard for admin
* Fixed: Storing non-english characters correctly in the database.
* Fixed: Updated strings to be translated in ratings controller
* Fixed: Commission bug when using variations and overrides
* Templates Updated:

Version 1.3.3 - 9th July 2016

* Added: Shortcode to show Dashboard Menu on Other Pages #233
* Added: Vendor Shipping to Product edit screen in WordPress Dashboard
* Added: Social SnapChat for vendors #384
* Added: Complete shipping interface to user screen and product edit in wp-admin
* Added: New filter wcv_custom_attribute_default_label for attribute placeholder
* Added: URL redirect filters for vendor registraron
* Added: Verified Vendors Badge #3
* Added: Option to disable select2 from loading
* Added: Option to disable markup from inputs on pro forms #355
* Updated: Font awesome to latest release 4.6.3
* Updated: Attribute text to remove confusion
* Updated: German Pro Translations for v1.3.2 Thanks Andy!
* Fixed: Vendors can't edit existing coupons #418
* Fixed: Shipping from - backend not saving #416
* Fixed: Missing argument
* Fixed: Show variation on dashboard orders page and on popup #377
* Fixed: wp-admin vendor feedback star ratings #406
* Fixed: Invalid Non Integer error when using coupons with Stripe gateway
* Templates Updated:

Version 1.3.2 - 17th June 2016

* Added: wcv_countries_list filter to the form helper
* Added: If My Account page ID is missing, then..... #351
* Added: Filter for feedback string wcv_feedback_page_error_msg #395
* Added: Filters for chart colors
* Updated: License Key verbage
* Fixed: Bug in select option values
* Fixed: Uncaught ReferenceError: attachment_image_url is not defined #398
* Fixed: Admin reference to file url in media uploader
* Fixed: Image URL reference error
* Fixed: Variable Products Download URL Bug #393
* Fixed: If coupon code already exists, dont add it. #391
* Fixed: Qty errors
* Fixed: Hardcoded sold by label reference
* Fixed: Style bug in variation thumbnails
* Fixed: In case commission goes below zero
* Fixed: Coupon Before/After Issue #379
* Fixed: Edit coupon values loading
* Fixed: Sale on Product Bug #378
* Fixed: Orders Page - View Orders Details Bug #373
* Fixed: Variable Free Shipping bug #374
* Fixed: Edit live products bug #371
* Fixed: PHP version check is too low, when is not. #387
* Fixed: Coupon Validation #380
* Fixed: Support for variations in csv export
* Fixed: Missing div in coupon actions table thanks Melissa
* Fixed: Translation issues and updated Taiwanese Translations
* Fixed: Dashboard style adding larger font widths
* Added: Vendor Terms & Conditions #358
* Fixed: Text input attributes for variations #360
* Fixed: Translation issue in product edit template
* Fixed: Sale price not saving if Vendors amend their product #367
* Fixed: Trusted Vendors publish own products when saving as Draft #362
* Fixed: Settings dashboard post action typo #369
* Fixed: Removed script debug checking in wp-admin

Version 1.3.1 - 3rd May 2016

* Added: Variations UI expand icon for easier UI
* Fixed: wcv_pro_vendorslist broken in v1.3.0 #357
* Updated: German Pro Translations for v1.3.0 Thanks Andy!
* Fixed: Variations media upload permission problem

Version 1.3.0 - 1st May 2016

* Added: Variations Support
* Added: Downloadable file URL hider option
* Added: Storing more file data in database for downloadable files
* Added: Filters and actions to hook into the orders table
* Added: New filters for dashboard and feedback from pull request #356 thanks Sven77
* Added: Vacation Mode #1
* Updated: Base language files
* Fixed: Grouped products not saving
* Fixed: Shipping System & Currency Symbols #353
* Fixed: Vendor Shipping ignores admin default rates flat rate #352
* Fixed: Country Rate any any shipping bug #348
* Fixed: Undefined variable error in product controller
* Fixed: Download files styling
* Fixed: Featured image url error on some WordPress installs
* Fixed: SQL statements to be safe queries
* Fixed: Product override country rate calculation
* Fixed: Added support for form validation on store settings inputs
* Fixed: Renamed product form actions to not conflict with other plugins
* Fixed: Filter collision for front end products
* Templates Updated:
* Templates Added:

Version 1.2.5 - 11th April 2016

* Added: Full attribute support
* Added: Link back to store from view all ratings page #313
* Added: Vendor filter drop down on admin products page #335
* Added: Filters for add/edit product helper text #333
* Added: Limited dropdown to defined tags for product tags #307
* Added: Vendor feedback shortcode [wcv_feedback vendor="user_login"] #286
* Added: Option to disable file url in downloadable products #284
* Added: Admin defaults for shipping & return policies #217
* Added: Portuguese Translation ( Thanks Elsa! )
* Fixed: Vendor feedback url rewrites for WPML support
* Fixed: Commission Calculation Error #343
* Fixed: Delete confirmation window #342
* Fixed: Sale prices not saving #340
* Fixed: Default Store Banners not showing up in some areas #339
* Fixed: Media upload style issue on product edit template
* Fixed: Free shipping coupon checkbox Bug #337
* Fixed: Product management option bug #336
* Fixed: CTR vs Flat Rate conflict when overriding by user #332
* Fixed: Sequential order numbering plugins on some pages #331
* Fixed: Shipping array/string warning #328
* Fixed: Translation strings for dashboard quick links
* Fixed: Vendors able to publish live products that are pending by editing #326
* Fixed: Commission + fee issues
* Fixed: Shipping display on vendor shipping override
* Fixed: Disable tax calculations in vendor shipping when disabled at store level
* Fixed: Button layout issues on pro dashboard
* Updated: How store address is output in template #322
* Updated: Auto Vendor Approval, Redirect Link #329
* Updated: German translations thanks Andy!
* Templates Updated:

Version 1.2.4 - 20th March 2016

* Templates: No templates were updated this release.
* Added: Pagination to products and shop coupons, default options available in admin #320
* Added: filters for wcv_pro_vendorslist styles and layout
* Added: pagination arguments to new filter for wcvendors list
* Fixed: Illegal string offset for shipping class
* Fixed: wcv_pagination for pro vendorslist #327
* Fixed: Order Date Range Bug #325
* Fixed: wcv_my_account_msg translation string #321
* Merged: Added css orders class (merged pull req from BuddyBoss)

Version 1.2.3 - 14th March 2016

* Added: Default date ranges and date picker for order and dashboard screens
* Added: before/after branding actions #293
* Added: System Status: woocommerce.php #282
* Added: Default store banner option
* Added: Filter for url on ratings link
* Added: wcv_pro_vendorslist shortcode and template
* Added: Quick Navigation Links (Add Filter) #289
* Added: Remove shipping for external/affiliate products #281
* Added: Trusted/Untrusted vendor user level publishing rules #283
* Added: Link to Pro Dashboard on my account page #221
* Added: Show shipping in commission display #196
* Fixed: Added support for extra $qty field in commission calculations
* Fixed: Orders page date picker defaults
* Fixed: When International Shipping is Disabled, Checkout Still Works #312
* Fixed: store_name and store_phone using same filter #315
* Fixed: Store description and seller info issue when disabled #311
* Fixed: PHP error #314
* Fixed: Order modal issues #310
* Fixed: Order Detail on Dashboard #82 #196
* Fixed: New products going live if edit approved enabled
* Fixed: Qty override for vendor shipping
* Added: Hide Social panel if no social links active #305
* Fixed: Coupon Fields Not Saving #302
* Fixed: Grouped Products Broken still #290
* Fixed: Misleading text when auto approve vendors is on #298
* Fixed: Ratings All Page funky text #294
* Fixed: Shipping rates for free at store wide level
* Fixed: Pending Vendor Email fires Twice #288
* Fixed: Product name max length limit added to validation
* Fixed: Shipping Label not pulling vendors address #292
* Fixed: Show extra fields on user page for both vendor and pending vendor roles #291
* Fixed: Button style issue #235
* Fixed: Dashboard showing orders when reversed #280
* Fixed: Added post id to the product edit actions
* Fixed: Store Address doesn't show on user meta #277
* Fixed: Layout issues when no store icon available

Version 1.2.2 - 3rd February 2016

* Added: Allow vendors to publish revisions live #275
* Added: Ability to have hidden or shown custom meta on store settings
* Added: Notices for signup form for branding #263
* Updated: Rewrote the migration script for stores to users
* Updated: Changed Default Store Header to: Pro #264
* Updated: Cleaned up helper text for options
* Updated: Language files
* Fixed: Title and From on Feedback Form (Translations) #276
* Fixed: Featured Image cant be changed #274
* Fixed: Customers Email on Pro Dashboard / Orders #273
* Fixed: Grouped Products Don't work #272
* Fixed: Fatal error when updating Free #271
* Fixed: Shop Header for Store Title goes to wrong URL #269
* Fixed: Country table rate shipping calculation issues #267
* Fixed: PHP issues prior to version 5.5
* Fixed: Vendor commission override

Version 1.2.1 - 27th January 2016

* Fixed: Vendor Signup Form doubles Header Text #262
* Fixed: Unable to activate plugin on some sites #261
* Fixed: Store Description and Seller Info not saving #259

Version 1.2.0 - 26th January 2016

* Added: Enable/Disable Shop/Single Product Headers #257
* Added: Message when feedback form accessed directly #254
* Added: Option to disable store settings #244
* Added: Settings and Signup Form configuration #238
* Added: Form validation on product page #115
* Added: Confirm delete of product prompt #98
* Added: Categories as select2 or checkbox #93
* Added: Actions to hook into different sections of the product form
* Added: Missing Handling fee option for product form
* Added: Option to hide categories and attributes
* Added: Template Version detection #73
* Added: Support for both hidden and visible product meta keys
* Added: Coupon Product Id display #42
* Added: Filter for product meta tabs
* Added: Support for hidden and visible custom meta keys on product form
* Added: Vendor application and pending notices #37
* Updated: Removed Vendor Stores Post Type
* Updated: Cleaned up feedback form page #258
* Updated: Ratings display for new release
* Updated: System check for permalink to remove vendor store
* Updated: Changed how prices are output in the product form
* Fixed: Illegal string offset in single store page
* Fixed: Stock status if not managed #255
* Fixed: Edit Product Page doesn't indicate if product is hidden. #245
* Fixed: Spacing issue for ratings form #240
* Fixed: Pay button for order vanishes when using Pro #238
* Fixed: Index issue with signup settings
* Fixed: Shipping Format #234
* Fixed: Ratings on Superstore #232
* Fixed: Total shipping cannot be null #231
* Fixed: Check for sale price before saving
* Fixed: Variable definition issue
* Fixed: Product Form Checkboxes #229
* Fixed: Product $ Discount Coupons work on all products #225
* Fixed: Order of attribute options #220
* Fixed: 'Mark Shipped' Translation Fails causing link to disappear #222
* Fixed: Attributes show as slug instead of name #213
* Fixed: Loading when thousands of orders #209
* Fixed: Pending product text when submitting product #192
* Fixed: Translation issues #188

Version 1.1.5 - 27th December 2015

* Added: New product form options to reduce need to edit templates
* Added: Option to disable deleting products #135
* Added: Changed feedback button on my account if feed back exists #157
* Added: Option to disable view your store #162
* Added: Disable feedback on single product pages #172
* Added: Dashboard quick links #169
* Added: Vendor dashboard notice #170
* Added: Disable Variable Products from Front End Dashboard #173
* Added: Filters for shipping notices #164
* Added: Private listing option for products #202
* Updated: Default shipping options #186
* Fixed: Pro pages not set on activation #185
* Fixed: Select style theme conflicts
* Fixed: Auto updater issue
* Fixed: missing indexes in shipping controller
* Fixed: wp_redirect caching with W3 Total Cache #211
* Removed: Unused logging feature

Version 1.1.4 - 19th December 2015

* Fixed: Critical: All Categories Not Showing #207

Version 1.1.3 - 18th December 2015

* Added: Active class on dashboard menu
* Added: Company / Blog url to settings #167
* Added: Free and disabled check boxes for flat rate shipping
* Added: French translations thanks Marie
* Added: Pinterest URL to social settings #179
* Added: Ratings sort order option #199
* Added: Reset fields when disabled or free shipping checked
* Added: Updated German translations
* Added: Vendor ratings label option for single product page
* Added: Vendor store display actions
* Added: Vendor store display actions v2
* Added: Vendor total ratings on ratings tab #204
* Added: WC Vendors Pro Version constant
* Fixed: Increased API Timeout #177
* Fixed: Missing translation strings #181
* Fixed: Only display shipping panels for vendors on vendor products
* Fixed: Product category drop down manual sorting display
* Fixed: Removed character restriction on rating comments #198
* Fixed: Removed hard coded page styles from the store
* Fixed: Spacing and display issues on vendor ratings panel
* Fixed: Translation issue in form helper #188
* Fixed: Update API for automatic plugin updates
* Fixed: Vendor Shipping disabled still shows panel #205
* Fixed: incorrect reference in template
* Fixed: tooltip display for textarea in form helper
* Updated template versions
* Updated: Page Title to be Translateable
* Updated: Shipping calculations for free and disabled shipping
* Updated: Sold by label references

Version 1.1.2 - 25th November 2015

* Fixed: Removed hard coded page styles from the store
* Added: German Translations thanks Biowomo
* Added: New filter for product meta types
* Fixed: Check to make sure vendor has set shipping details before display on single product page

Version 1.1.1 - 24th November 2015

* Added: Store admins can now create coupons
* Fixed: Custom product meta save thanks Stephen
* Fixed: Store Controller user action #161
* Fixed: Coupons & Commission Rates #110
* Added: Hide Shipping "Classes" on product form #159
* Fixed: Saving shipping class
* Fixed: template path checks
* Added: Per product qty multiplier override for shipping calculations #146
* Fixed: Delete unused shipping meta
* Fixed: Simplified store shipping settings display
* Fixed: Array key issue with store shipping settings
* Fixed: Allow $0 for country rate shipping
* Fixed: Disable shipping completely #154
* Updated: No Permission message in template
* Fixed: Shipment Tracking provider list is displaying incorrectly #153
* Fixed: Critical security error with product permissions #150
* Fixed: Shipping Calculation issue
* Fixed: Rewrite rules bug
* Fixed: Template path error #149
* Added: Filter to override select2 args
* Fixed: select2 styling
* Fixed: custom meta key prefix
* Fixed: Select2 styles a bit broken
* Fixed: Renamed main column class to stop foundation clashes #134 #94
* Fixed: Filters that weren't working #143
* Fixed: Translate dashboard navigation #141
* Updated: Updated header style class
* Added: Shipping and Return policies to product page #142
* Fixed: Commission panel Missing #136

Version 1.1.0 - 17th November 2015

* Added: Flat Rate / Country Rate Per Product Shipping Module
* Added: Option check to auto flush permalinks on pro settings page
* Added: User edits sync to vendor stores #116
* Fixed: Fatal error on update #121
* Fixed: Changed how dashboard navigation is generated allowing to be translated #126
* Fixed: Overview and reports template calls #124
* Fixed: Loading custom translations #113
* Fixed: Incorrect value used for display thanks ontiuk
* Added: Filters to override product table display
* Fixed: "Stars" not showing on Vendor Ratings for individual products #119
* Added: Spanish Translations (thanks Vincent!)
* Fixed: Sold by in cart item meta
* Fixed: Would still show other admins in sold by
* Fixed: Custom fields code for products and settings
* Added: Shipping Rate table to product
* Fixed: Incorrect filter names on product form
* Fixed: Check if order exists before looping #111
* Fixed: Unable to delete gallery images
* Fixed: Edit product even if disabled #103
* Fixed: Submit draft product live #101
* Added: Ability to edit drafts when can't submit live products
* Fixed: Theme override for archive and single store pages #100
* Fixed: Simple product as default #106
* Fixed: is_woocommerce filter

Version 1.0.5 - October 31st 2015

* Added: Product gallery upload limit via filter
* Fixed: Cannot redeclare function for is_shop
* Fixed: layout issues in several themes for store fronts
* Added: Filter to override ink style

Version 1.0.4 - October 28th 2015

* Fixed: Fatal error updating WooCommerce #88
* Added: Place holder for featured image on product edit #85
* Fixed: Shipping address on shipping label #87
* Fixed: Allow textarea resize vertical #86
* Fixed: Select2 moved to includes #91
* Fixed: Missing wcvendors-pro-admin.min.js #89
* Update: Removed html buttons and replaced with button class
* Fixed: typography styling issues

Version 1.0.3 - October 26th 2015

* Fixed: Missing div wrapper for product edit form
* Fixed: Sale date schedule incorrect #83
* Added: Filter to change default vendor store name
* Fixed: Dashboard wrapper on sign up form
* Fixed: New Vendor Notification Email not sending #77
* Added: Product short description #76
* Fixed: Ability to use remove_action
* Updated: All templates to include version numbers and information
* Added: Ability to disable view store in pro dashboard #79
* Fixed: Boxed sizing grid issue for some themes
* Added: New system status checks
* Fixed: Plugin URI #81
* Fixed: City town placeholder #78
* Fixed: Add tax to product template #80
* Added: Product Add settings now respected from free
* Fixed: Modal class names
* Update: Order note styles in modal
* Fixed: CSS class name collision #74
* Removed: Datatables from source
* Updated: Missing strings for translations
* Added: More detail to notice when submitting product #65
* Fixed: changed filter priority for redirect #49
* Updated: Language file
* Added: Filter for login redirect #62
* Added: Actions for save product and meta #68
* Fixed: Missing select2 asset #51
* Fixed: removed source maps
* Added: filter to change ratings tab name
* Fixed: translated strings
* Fixed: Added sky to product edit/add page #71
* Updated: All templates now translatable
* Fixed: incorrect filter name for sold by
* Updated: Added ability to use hidden fields for product type

Version 1.0.2 - October 18th 2015

* Added: Filter to override vendor store url
* Fixed: Ratings link incorrect #64
* Fixed: Commission showing for non admins #70
* Updated: Language file
* Fixed: Minified assets now loading
* Updated: New gallery and image layout designs for dashboard
* Updated: Moved all product form data into its own class
* Fixed: Dashboard tables adapted to new grid
* Fixed: Stop loading modals in every column
* Updated: Replaced grid system and front end styles framework
* Added: Ability to override front end css styles
* Fixed: Retrieve vendor paypal if store paypal isn't set.
* Fixed: Create store when manually changing role
* Added: Vendor dropdown on Vendor Store Page
* Fixed: Redirect to Pro dashboard if applying for vendor
* Fixed: Edit/Delete/View text on
* Fixed: Saving Youtube & Google plus social links
* Fixed: Row action styling in pro dashboard
* Added: Add product url filter
* Fixed: Integrated stores layout into woo commerce layouts
* Fixed: If no store on settings page, create it
* Fixed: Only published stores should be counted
* Added: View my store link in dashboard
* Fixed: PayPal Email Updates, but does not display
* Fixed: Missing images in css
* Fixed: Remove use of php short tags
* Fixed: Util path issue
* Updated: Text for admins viewing dashboard
* Added: Notice for license help
* Fixed: Deactivate license key when deactivating plugin
* Fixed: Fatal activation error due to using shorttags

Version 1.0.1 - 6th October 2015

* Added: Links to help for license issues
* Fixed: Deactivate license key when deactivating plugin
* Fixed: Fatal activation error file not found thanks Jordan!
* Fixed: Missing argument for ratings controller
* Added: Ability to disable entire Pro features
* Removed: data tables front end system
* Fixed: Parse error in ratings admin table
* Fixed: Coupon activation and hooks
* Added: Link to product edit on recent products table
* Fixed: Fatal error if activating before WooCommerce or WC Vendors
* Fixed: Updated labels on up and cross sells
* Added: Note about using existing dashboard page
* Fixed: remove email from description
* Fixed: javascript bug in charts
* Fixed: asset paths for license manager

Version 1.0.0 - 1st October 2015

* First Release

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From: $398.00 USD / year
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