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    John Forfar


    I’m just wondering, the benefit to Woocommerce is the 100s of extensions they have.

    – Australia post shipping extension
    – Vend integration
    – marketing platform integrations

    Does wcvendors restrict products that are only available to their account, when integrating with these external plugins? Can more then one user use them?

    Thanks for clarifying,


    WC Vendors Support

    Hi John,

    1.) It’ll work, but it wont assign shipping costs to the vendor for commissions because it does a “per cart” not “per product”. You’d use WC Vendors Pro for this, instead, and never have to use another shipping extension again. 🙂 It’s included in Pro.

    2.) Should work no problem

    3.) Should work no problem

    WC Vendors doesnt restrict or modify anything, all we do is allow your Vendor users to sell products on your site. We’ve found that about 95%+++ of other plugins for WooCommerce work just fine with WC Vendors and WC Vendors Pro, only a few have some problems and it’s integration related (Like Subscriptions, Bookings, things like that).



    John Forfar

    Thanks for the feedback

    Just to confirm, Australian Post extension (auto calculates shipping costs using Australia Post API) will work for wcvendors pro, and the shipping costs are passed on to the vendor per product?


    WC Vendors Support

    No, that is absolutely not the case. Shipping extensions, except for the one that comes with WC Vendors Pro, calculate costs on a CART level. This means, if you have 3 products, from 3 different vendors, it’s one shipping cost. Which also means, there’s no way to tell who to give shipping to at all. It’s a completely incompatible method of calculating shipping.

    The Vendor Shipping extension that comes included with WC Vendors Pro allows vendors to set their own shipping prices. If you’ve got 8 minutes and YouTube, click this link for a video overview of how it works:


    John Forfar

    Unfortunately this is critical to my ecommerce setup and is why I am at Woo in the first place.

    Woo themes has an official Aust post extension

    Is there a way to use a sub function of that to pass data too, let it calculate the fee, the get the result?

    Or would you have to code it from scratch like this guy? http://www.wiliam.com.au/wiliam-blog/sydney-web-design-australia-post-api

    Aust post is complex and a table rate shipping option can’t be averaged down to simple interstate / local rates.

    More info






    John Forfar

    Looks like this guys may do it? I’m trying to clarify with them

    I have also requested WCVendors support from Wooforce

    WC Vendors Support

    If they can code their shipping plugin to determine WHO sells the product, and determine a package price for ONLY that vendors products, and loop through the order for shipping calculations, they could do it. Typically, this is not how shipping plugins work, which is why we had to write our own. WooCommerce is not setup to do what you need it to do nor are any plugins designed to do so. No reason for us to reinvent the wheel. You’re on your own with this one, sorry to say.

    John Forfar

    Ok just to simplify:

    A shopper wants to purchase 1 product from 1 vendor, they can use Wootheme australia post plugin for shipping during WCVendor checkout.


    WC Vendors Support

    True and false.

    They can use that shipping plugin, but that shipping plugin isnt coded to return the shipping price to our commission controller. As such, you, the admin, gets the $$ to ship, not the vendor.

    As mentioned a million times before — WC Vendors Pro’s shipping module will solve the problem pretty easily for you. 😉

    John Forfar

    This shipping issue, and lack of integration into all shipping plugins, seems to be a hot issue:


    I have spoke to a developer, perhaps they can get their Australia post plugin, working with WC Vendors Pro.

    Are you able to provide a PRO copy to them directly for development purposes?

    John Forfar

    Is the PRO version, written using WOO Mike Jolley Shipping Classes?

    WC Vendors Support

    Each individual author can certainly tweak their shipping plugin so it works. It’s just that there are 100 shipping plugins, we don’t write them, and we have no time to tweak a region specific shipping plugin for every site that wants one. Pro shipping works for most everyone. For you, you really want Australian Post, so go after someone who can help you on that. It isn’t us, though. 🙂

    As for asking if we used Remi’s tutorial when coding Pro, No, we use all our own original code typed on our own hands, not copy and pasted from anyone else.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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