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For the time being, we will leave our forums open for reading and learning while we work on creating a more robust Knowledge Base for everyone to use.

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    Good evening, thanks to the availability, by necessity we require that sellers immediately receive the money of the transaction on your account in full and no commission, so 100% of the money. How can I set this up, because the transactions are received in full on behalf of our business and that’s not good. Thanks to the availability



    If you are using our Stripe Commissions and Gateway plugin and your vendor(s) are connected to Stripe in the dashboard > store settings, or if you are using PayPal Adaptive Payments and your vendors have entered their paypal email in the dashboard > store settings…. the vendors should receive 100% of the commission at checkout IF you have your commissions set to: 100
    wp-admin > woocommerce > wc vendors > commissions
    Global Commission Type = percentage
    Commission % = 100


    Megan Theodoro

    I am using the commissions gateway and have everything set up but the commission does not instantly go to the vendor. Instead the entire payment goes to the admin (owner) and in the WC vendors tab in woocommerce the commission says “Due”. How do I make it instant?



    Please keep all future replies in regards to your Stripe question here:
    There is no need to keep pinging the OP with new replies, as your issue is likely unique. There is also no need to open multiple threads/replies in regards to your issue.



    Good morning, we also have a test account with a personal paypal address set, but every time we try to buy under paypal process the transaction does not take place. We use paypal adaptive but does not work. I can not fix this problem. We have created an app on paypal-app, it has brought us only SandboxID code and Live App ID. Where should I put these values? I tried in the fields but I can not conclude the transaction. Thank you

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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