How To Mark Orders As Received

WC Vendors Pro has the ability for customers to mark their orders received. This is enabled by default and will work without any configuration. This will allow the marketplace and the vendors to know that their shipment has been received.

For the orders that contain products from multiple vendors, when customers click on the Mark received button, they will be directed to the order detail page where they can mark products received for each vendor. The products are grouped by vendors.

Automatic Order Completed Status

After a customer marks the order received, the order status will be set to Completed automatically. The corresponding vendor order will have Received status in the Dashboard > Orders.

Setup the email

By default, an email will be sent out on the seventh day after the vendor marks the order received. You can customize this behavior in WooCommerce > Settings > Emails > Customer Mark Received. You can also change the email subject and email heading here.

The reminder email will be scheduled to send only if the vendor mark order shipped.


Mark Received button missing on My Account > Orders Page

If the Mark Received button is missing for an order please ensure the order does not fall into one of the following conditions

  • The order has been refunded
  • The order has no shipping
  • The order status is not Processing or Completed
  • The order delivery status has not already been completed

If any of the above conditions are met the Mark Received button will not be displayed for that order.

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