Vendor Dashboard Overview

The vendor dashboard is where you manage your marketplace settings, products orders and more. This quick overview will explain the various aspects of the vendor dashboard. Some or all of these options can be disabled by the marketplace.


The main dashboard overview gives you a date-based overview of the status of your store. This includes your commissions due and paid. The total number of orders and the total number of products. From here you can get a quick view of the state of your store. Including viewing recent orders and products.


This is where you manage your products. You can have the option to add, duplicate, edit or delete a product. When you edit the product, you have all the available options that the marketplace has configured for you to publish your products to your store.


Clicking on “Orders” brings you to your orders view, where you can see all the orders customers have placed for your items. You can add notes which email to the customer, add tracking numbers, mark orders as shipped, and also print a packing slip.


The settings page is where you configure all the various settings for your store. The following settings are available for configuration.

  • General store settings
  • Payment options
  • Branding
  • Shipping
  • Social
  • Policies
  • SEO
  • Tax


Customers can leave you 1 to 5 stars for your products by visiting My Account page and clicking Leave Feedback. They can edit/update the feedback at any time, too, that way if you get a poor review you can work with the customer to make their experience/product better.


As a vendor, you can create coupons specifically for your products. These coupons will not work on any other products, except for those in your store. You can include only certain products, include all of your products, or even include all and exclude others, or even by category. It can be a percentage discount, or a fixed price.

You can use your store notice in Settings to advertise your coupons on your storefront.

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