Extension Bundle

$287.00 / year

Are you using WC Vendors Pro for your multi-vendor marketplace? Do you need to buy multiple extensions to add more functionality to your marketplace? Then, you’re in the right place. Get all the plugins from WC Vendors and take 30% off the regular price. Get $405 value for just $287!

All licenses are annual for a single domain and a single staging site only.  We do not have multi-site licenses at this time.

Please Note: As this bundle is heavily discounted it will not qualify for a refund. 


Save time and money running your marketplace websites with a complete collection of plugins from WC Vendors.

Everything you need to power your WordPress based marketplace site in one bundle, including WC Vendors Stripe Connect plugin, WC Vendors Membership plugin for multivendor marketplaces, WC Vendors WooCommerce Subscriptions, WC Vendors WooCommerce Bookings, as well as WC Vendors WooCommerce Simple Auctions.

Make WC Vendors your competitive advantage. Build a successful marketplace business today with the complete marketplace solution.

This bundle includes an annual license to our premium extensions that you can use with WC Vendors Pro.

Please Note: As this bundle is heavily discounted it will not qualify for a refund. 

Whats the difference between this bundle and the pro bundle?

This bundle does not include WC Vendors Pro. If you require all our products including WC Vendors Pro we suggest you purchase the Pro Bundle instead.

Please Note: As this bundle is heavily discounted it will not qualify for a refund. 

Products Included

WC Vendors Stripe Connect

Automatically pay vendor commissions with WC Vendor Stripe Connect. Process credit card payments from customers and instantly pay your vendors with the easiest and most scalable payment gateway.

WC Vendors Membership

Create and sell online membership plans with WC Vendors Membership. With features like customizable plans, plan based commissions and different commission rates the WC Vendors Membership is a comprehensive solution to effortlessly integrate membership on your site.

WC Vendors WooCommerce Subscriptions

Sell products and services with recurring payments by integrating WooCommerce Subscriptions into WC Vendors Pro. Turn your store into a complete multi-seller e-commerce marketplace platform.

WC Vendors WooCommerce Bookings

Empower your WordPress website with a booking solution with WC Vendors WooCommerce Bookings plugin. Allow your vendors to create and sell bookable products and convert your regular store into a fully-featured booking platform.

WC Vendors WooCommerce Simple Auctions

Do you want to run an auction-based website like e-bay? WC Vendors WooCommerce Simple Auctions plugin helps you create an auction marketplace, allowing your vendors to sell auction products right from their dashboard.



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