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How to Run WC Vendors Marketplace Setup Wizard?

After you have installed and activated WC Vendors Marketplace you are prompted to run our setup wizard. This will help you configure your basic marketplace settings. The Setup Wizard prompt will appear upon activating WC Vendors Marketplace.

Please Note: If you do not run the setup wizard you will need to manually create all your pages and add the shortcodes. We don’t recommend you do that unless you have a good reason.

Run the setup wizard

Step 1 – Start

The first page provides details related to your general configuration. This is where you control the ability for users to sign up to be vendors, how to approve vendors, and give taxes and shipping as well as the commission rate.

Step 1

Step 2 – Capabilities

The capabilities step will allow you to control the capabilities the vendors are given when they login in. This includes their ability to access and edit products and orders.

Step 2

Step 3 – Pages

WC Vendors Marketplace requires several pages and shortcodes configured. This step will configure these automatically for you.

Step 3

Step 4 – Ready

Your marketplace is ready for further configuration. Feel free to sign up to our newsletter to get tips and tricks to get your marketplace up and running. When you’re ready click ‘Return to your dashboard at the bottom of the wizard.

Step 4

Run Setup Wizard Again

If you accidentally dismiss the setup wizard notice or you need to run the wizard again you can do this by accessing our help menu on the WC Vendors Settings page.

Navigate to

  1. Navigate to WC Vendors > Settings
  2. Click on the help link in the top right
  3. Click on the setup wizard menu item
  4. Then click on Setup Wizard button to launch the wizard again.

If you run the setup wizard a second time, it will only update the options you change.

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