Supported Themes

WC Vendors was developed to work with any 100% compatible WooCommerce theme. This means that your theme implements full compatibility with WooCommerce. If your theme uses the optional woocommerce.php template file, your theme is not supported.

We have a list of free and paid themes available on our website that either we have tested internally or we have had the developers provide them to us. We have added theme integrations for some of the popular free and paid themes out there and you can enable support for those themes in the WC Vendors Settings.

  • Astra
  • Storefront
  • GeneratePress
  • Divi

If you would like us to include specific styles for a populate theme you can request this as a feature.

Style Overrides

There might be times when your particular theme has a style override or issue that is not working as expected. If this happens you can override the plugin CSS to do as you require. We suggest creating a child theme to override stylesheets. This will ensure any changes you make will be upgrade-safe.

Page Builders

Although WC Vendors does not currently have any official support for page builders or page builder-based themes we are compatible with some of these. We will outline the caveats as we have found.


If you are using Elementor and override the WooCommerce pages with Elementors built-in WooCommerce elements. The vendor store headers will not display. This is because Elementor removes all of the WooCommerce actions and filters used on those page templates that WC Vendors use to display the store headers.

Not to worry, we have a snippet that will re-add the required actions back into the archive widget so that you can display the vendor store headers.


The way that Divi was developed means that it can interfere with our vendor dashboard. This results in the tabs on various pages not working. We have added support for Divi to our dashboard. To ensure that Divi works with the vendor dashboard you will need to enable theme support in the WC Vendors Settings.

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