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I’ve been on your site the last 30 minutes now, give or take.

First thing I noticed was the Vendor Dashboard was hard coded to the wrong URL, so I fixed that.

I disabled all plugins. I changed your theme to Superstore and Twentyfifteen. I checked all of your settings, everything is configured correctly.

My GUESS — and this is a sheer guess — is that it’s something on Flywheel’s end. We’ve seen some strange things with wpengine on their staging servers before, so this staging server might also be acting a bit funky too.

Jamie is asleep right now (3:23am), I’ve asked him to take a look at it, too, to make sure it’s not a Pro bug. If it is, we can have it patched immediately and update your site in advance to the next version of Pro which would include a fix.

If it’s not a bug, you might be save publishing it live and when live, the problem may resolve itself as we’ve seen on some wpengine sites.

Stay tuned, we’ll be back in touch soon as Australia wakes up.

By the way, that’s a hell of a theme upgrade. It looks great.