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Awesome! The only problems we’re seeing with WC Vendors Pro right now are a few themes have some styling/layout conflicts, and we’re nearly done fixing them and should have v1.0.2 pushed out to the public tonight or tomorrow night. Most themes are just fine, but a few have some Foundation/JavaScript conflicts which forced us to rewrite the entire layout system.

As for a trial or a money back, WC Vendors Free is your trial. 🙂 If you like how it works, that’s the way to find out! Money back is guaranteed within 7 days if there is a bug that we are unable to fix on your website that causes Pro to not operate.

You can see a demo of Pro on our development servers – http://dev.wcvendors.com login vendor1 password vendor1 — Remember this is a development server, not really meant to be pretty or terribly useful, but it does give you an exact feel for how everything works.



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