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Yup! You can buy as many different products from different vendors as you like.

As a vendor, they get payments from you, the site admin. How you choose to do that is up to you. Here’s the 3 most common methods:

1.) PayPal Adaptive Payments – Included in WC Vendors Free. Vendors enter their PayPal email on their Vendor Dashboard, and when your buyer checks out with PayPal Adaptive Payments, the vendors can instantly, or on a schedule, receive their commissions.

2.) Stripe – $49, http://www.wcvendors.com – Lets buyers checkout with a credit card directly on your SSL checkout page. Vendors connect to their Stripe account through the Vendor Dashboard, and instantly receive commissions when a product is purchased.

3.) Manual Payment — Any way you see fit to pay the vendors what they are owed. You can see what they are owed in the reports, and in the commission table. Once you pay a vendor, you mark the commissions to them as “paid” instead of “due”.



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