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Hi Ben,
Thank you for your time, you read and responded quickly. Sorry to say that you have missed the point which I actually wanted to know. So I will try to put it as simply and specifically again. Could you please take time to answer them again.

I am a tech guy and I have been going through ecommerce marketplaces for about some months now and have a small business idea bugging in my head for more than a year. Things are now getting serious for me so I am going to plan the entire thing out. That’s why I need to now some very specifics which will determine the future of my business.

1. Well, I know I can add products from different vendors, what I wanted to know that can I checkout all of them in a single order? Several ecommerce sites create a parent order and all the other orders from different vendors are placed under it as child orders, which has individual status. But some other sites only create one single order and put all into it, but the admin can check the vendors separately. So, how does this “multi order” for WC Vendor PRO work actually? I am considering woocomm per product shipping and invoices as a future plan so, I need to know how these orders will be handled.

2. I figured that all woocommerce gateways are ok with yours too. But what if a multiple order exceeded the limit (6-10) for chain and parallel payments. I went through your knowledge base and couldn’t find anything related to it. What if I am to get all the money and then pay them manually for multi orders or withdraw requests.

3. What I want to know that will a vendor will need to separately email me for a withdrawal request or do you have a system for that inside the plugin.