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send us a bill then, we already offered to pay for support, we cant just ‘toss’ some money, its business we need a invoice.

also thats a bit unfair, ‘right’ now, iv been patiently waiting and only bumping the issue, due to the fact, im sitting here seeing you reply to umpteen new topics daily, and there for assume like the rest of us, you also work wends, ok i get its sunday i wasnt expecting help there and then, though it would of been nice, i only asked you t ocheck emails, but now its monday.

some support and resolve to the issues, or a eta of when you can help, is all i asked, no need for the remarks.

we have paid for this after all. and from my questions and attempt to install and intergarte, we are stuck.

all we need is the support that was and has been promised. but further more have offered to pay for some help. not sure why this is becoming so difficult.

regards matt

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