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1. i am glad to hear that most clients dont have style problems and whenever there is one, you try to fix it. I was planning to use ‘nielsen’ theme but after going through the customer feedback on themeforest, ive changed my mind. i am going to try wcvendor with ‘Blaszok’ from themeforest.

2. u were right, the problems were some plugins. i removed them and i can access the wp-admin. however, i dont think as a vendor there is a commission report on the free version.

3.I dont think my commission calculation is wrong. according to my model, the vendor will be collecting all the money. so he keeps the 95% and gives me 5%. i dont know if there is a commission report (vendor dashboard) and/or if it will be confusing for the vendor. i intend to use wcvendor the other way round. i dont owe them but they owe me for having sent a customer to their retail stores. My workaround would be to send the vendor a weekly/monthly invoice with all the products sold (lead) through my site and the amount (commission due) by them.

4. i might have another problem now with the reward system. Since You said (in another thread) that both status (processing and completed) means MONEY RECEIVED. the buyer’s point system will be credited once he completes check out, irrespective if he goes to the store and actually buy the product. I WAS HOPING, that the vendor can mark a product as ‘delivered/shipped’ and then the order status change to complete (order fulfilled).

Last question sorry, do you think wcvendor would be the ‘right’ product for my business model (meaning i wont collect any money but the other way round)