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1.) Yay! 🙂

2.) Sure there is. The Vendor Dashboard shows them the stats on the front end and they can run any dated report they wish. 🙂 Included in Free, and much more detailed in Pro.

3.) Cool, then yea you could do the invoices with the monthly vendor reports that are already generated under the WooCommerce reports. That’ll tell you the vendors totals, and you’d be good from there.

4.) Nope, while this makes sense to YOU, it will NOT make sense to your 50 vendors. 🙂 They dont care about order statuses, and allowing them to change them will create you *much* more of a headache than you can ever possibly imagine. 🙂 Vendors are typically not technically skilled, and will click any button if it’s there even if it does the wrong thing. 🙂 The Mark Shipped adds the tracking information to each order, so it’s really easy to see in the order notes.

5.) It’s the right plugin for anyone who has a marketplace with vendors. You just might want to tweak things here and there, and of course, our plugin is the most customizable one on the planet.