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Karen Thomas

Hi Ben and Jamie,

The Registration Form was the bit I was most looking forward to as I have tonnes of people applying to be vendors and it’s not possible to keep doing this part manually.

However as your vendor registration form had been set up so Vendors first have to be directed to a page containing the code:
..the user journey just doesn’t make any sense and it’s very confusing for new vendors wanting to apply. They are taken to a page with BOTH Log in and Register forms.

Additionally, many of my potential vendors are already customers who buy from the site. If I direct them to the Account page they may already be logged in with their customer account. This means they will NOT see the Log in/Register form at all and instead be shown their previous orders as they are signed into their account.

There MUST be a way to only display the Registration form, you guys have brains as big as Mars so please please come up with something that makes more sense for our potential vendors.

Thanks in advance,


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