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Hi Stefan,

Thanks for your feedback, I’m busily working on the next release for both free and pro (hopefully in the next day or so) and I’ll try and get as many features crammed into the release before it goes out.

1. I agree, I’ll add an option in the settings page to allow people to choose between redirect back to products page or view the published product.

2. I agree that it could be displayed a little bit better and I’ll have a think about it, It is indented but the select style could use a little work.

3. That sounds like a bug and I’ve added it to my to investigate and fix list.

4. Not really sure what you mean by expandable ? There are filters you can hook into to make the product description box bigger if you want? And I’ve already fixed SKU field (it actually shows up now) and will be available in the next release.

I’ve also made pro respect all features selected in free on the products tab so that both free and pro will disable/enable the same features on the product edit screen now.



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