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Hi joq3,

There’s no trial, and no refunds. Once you buy it, it’s yours! 🙂 WC Vendors Free is a suitable trial. If WC Vendors Free works well for your site, Pro will work even better. So far the only refund request we’ve seen is from a buyer who *still* has it installed on her site and won’t take it down, but simply wants their money back. We’d like to avoid situations like this, and hence the policy. 🙂

Feel free to play around on http://dev.wcvendors.com/my-account/ login as vendor1 password vendor1 and then click Pro Dashboard once logged in. This is our development server, aka test site, and the latest version will always be there. The site won’t be super pretty as we’re always experimenting with things, but the whole gist of everything and what you can expect will be there. 🙂