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Hi Ryan,

Due to the fact that you are using a custom registration form we are unable to hook into that. We rely on the standard WooCommerce account pages (assuming registration is enabled on this page) to get registration happening.

I’ve just logged in as admin and vendor and you’re site is very slow. As the vendor I’m able to see the pro dashboard when logged in but the style (imo) is a bit broken. All the areas appear to render as we programmed them but the design is pretty much hosed.

I did some tests and your host is really letting you down. You also have some very large images that could do with some shrinking. There is a plugin called smushit that will really help with this : https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-smushit/

Based on the number of plugins you have activated I would highly recommend bumping it up to 256MB at this point. I would also recommend you shop around for a new host. I would recommend running away from godaddy as fast as you can, with everything you have to find a host that isn’t a giant pile of fail.



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