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Pull Requests does sound like something out of a foreign movie. Basically, GitHub is a place for storing source code. It allows a team, or even the entire world, the ability to edit and publish code for something. In our case, we use it to develop all of our plugins. Jamie can push new updates to Pro, Free, SA, Stripe, etc, as I can, too. The Simple Auctions repository (repo for short) is here:


From there, you can create a github account, “fork” the plugin, make your changes, and then send the changes back to the main repository for merging. That’s a lot of information in a single sentence, I know. 🙂 Here’s a YouTube video to get your started learning what it all means:

Granted, this might look like a lot of work for sending in changes — but you’ll use it all the time once you learn how for other plugins, for adding in cool things, fixing typos, and making things better. It’s how the community works with open source software — everyone contributes a little, and everyone wins.

So, get yourself a free github account. Hit the fork button on our repo, and start making changes. When you’re satisfied that your fixes are correct, and you’ve tested them, send in the pull request to merge your changes with the main plugin’s repo, and voila! You’re done, and the next version of SA can be tested for release.

Any questions along the way, just ask.