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You may try checking your WC Vendors settings after the update, then saving your permalinks. In your dash, go to WcVendors > Pro (or and ensure the Pro Dashboard Page is still set (to whatever page you’ve put the [wcv_pro_dashboard] shortcode ). then save your permalinks again.

Are you directing the vendors to the Pro Vendor Dashboard to add products?

I think I see where there may be confusion…..The BuddyBoss Social Marketplace theme has user/member profiles (buddypress profiles), and in each profile page is a tab called “products”- showing their favorite products and any products they’ve added as a vendor for the public to see.
That tab actually has little to do with Wc Vendors, though- other than showing(if the member is a vendor also) any products they have put up for sale in your marketplace. That’s just a community/member profile special section that BuddyBoss added to buddypress profiles when you’re using their bb social marketplace theme, their marketplace plugin AND Wc Vendors.

You need to direct the vendors to the wc vendors [wcv_pro_dashboard] pro dashboard page to manage their products and vendor account functions. Is that page set up correctly on your site? I’ve noticed that after upgrades sometimes the pages and permalinks have to be set up again.

Hope this helps….