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Igor Davidović

Hello all! I am new here, just wanting to confirm that there is an issue with WPML plugin. Client of mine is using it too.

Styles output on dashboard and feedback page is not displaying correctly. I have made filters to rewrite here so that they are used always even if main language is changed.

$view_dashboard		= apply_filters( 'wcv_view_dashboard', 	$current_page_id == $dashboard_page_id ? true : false );
 		$view_feedback		= apply_filters( 'wcv_view_feedback', 	$current_page_id == $feedback_page_id ? true : false );

My conclusion is that you need to rewrite condition on checking the pages for multi-language, because WPML recreates same pages with different ID, so in case of WPML condition should be

in_array( $current_page_id, array( /** Main and translated pages **/ ) )

Hope this helps in a way.