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Hi Guys,

I thought this was fixed but I’m just doing some last bit of testing before my client goes live and this issue appears to have re-appeared?


Product £6.99 inc 20% vat so its £5.83 net
Shipping is £4

Seller 1 commission is 80% and seller gets whole of the shipping not tax.

Commission calc on Dashboard are correct:
80% of the net product (5.83) = 4.66 + 4 shipping = 8.66 total due

But the sellers EMAIL says
£5.83 for the product & £4 shipping

Again similar senario with another seller who is on 70%

Product 2 – £8.99 inc VAT = 7.49 ex vat
Seller 2 – 70% = 5.24

Seller 2 email says £7.49 + shipping BUT his dashboard says £5.24 + shipping (which is correct)

I think your code is taking the vat / tax off but then its not doing the commission.

Help – client wants to go live in few days

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