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Hey guys,

I’ll show off what we did for shipping, as it fits our marketplace very well. We were running a different marketplace plugin for a year, and then migrated over to WC Vendors. We ran into the same issue with shipping, so we took one of the table rate plugins, and modified it to work in the marketplace environment. Granted, I’m not sure how it would work for the international shippers, as we only ship within the US, but if anyone has ideas on how to make it work for international shipping, I’m all ears!

Basically, vendors can pick one of three criteria to calculate shipping costs, the total number of their items in the cart, the total weight of their items in the cart and the total price of their items in the cart. From there, they build a table for their rates.

For example, lets say they use the US Post Office to ship, and weight is the determining factor in shipping costs. They can setup a shipping table that says:

For item weights:
0 – 8oz – $3.00
8oz – 16oz – $5.00
16+ oz – $6.50

There is no limit to how many rates they can include, and it also gives them the ability to tack a handling charge on top of it.

When we rolled over to WC Vendors, I shot a video showing our vendors the new dashboard. At the 8:45ish mark, it shows the table integrated into WC Vendors. I breeze by it, because it is not a new system for our vendors, but if you pause the video, you can see what it looks like and how it works.

So far, this has been by far and away the most versatile system, and we have yet to have a vendor who couldn’t make it fit their situation.