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Federico Diaz

Well, here we are unfortunately here, I tried all of the above step by step: https://www.wcvendors.com/help/topic/read-before-requesting-support/
And I have noticed that if I select the theme TM Molly I bought (100% compatible with woocommerce) banner and logo customization do not work, but if I select the Storefront theme everything works fine. I contacted TM Molly theme support and they refused to help me on the grounds that the Theme is not compatible with the WC Vendors Plugin and that I ask you to solve the problem 🙁 “I am displeased with this People because of their lack of I have recommended woocommerce and WC to my client and if you can recommend me a theme fully compatible with woo and wc, I will thank you for it I have posted a small report that shows the problem in case it helps. I can also provide the access data (by private) to access as a seller or administrator if they need to help me.
Video muestra el error