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Hi Anna,
This has been SO helpful. Thank you so very much for taking the time today and looking around. I am glad you like the site too. Definitely a labor of love haha but I do enjoy using WC vendors very much with it!

Sorry you weren’t able to get into the functions.php. Must be disabled, darn! I think the code may have been from the kb a while back when we added some in for the look of the store banners…perhaps this is where it all came from.

HOWEVER I think taking the “view profile” button off of the product page but keeping the “view profile” button on the shop page would be a great idea and would totally resolve the problem.

I am going to pass these 2 snippets of code to the wordpress specialist that I work with and we will try this out. I will get back to you shortly!

Thank you Anna, truly. 🙂

-Beth Kravitz

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